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The Africa Uganda Plants Guide

On this Uganda Plants Guide is where you find info about Useful flora in Uganda; Food crops, Cash crops, Trees, Medicines, Shrubs , grasses, fruits, vegetable and flowers growing in Africa.

Uganda Plants Guide

African plants in general have developed an overwhelming diversity of forms, functions, habitats and geographical distribution. Having said that however, there is a limited number of publications about these plants, and as a result you will find it quite problematic to correctly identify African plant species names in many taxonomic groups.

But whether you're a Conservationist/botanist/ herbalist/ Chemist/businessman/Chef/Hotel owner or just a plant enthusiast, get ready to enjoy learning more and getting involved with the rich plant life in Uganda .

I also think it wonderful to rush out to your home garden in case of a medical emergency and get some immediate and inexpensive relief..!

We've thus created this Africa Uganda Plants guide to help you identify some of the useful plants you will find as you travel Uganda; from your backyard, to byways , on commercial farms, and in forests. We cover a wide range of important plant variaties including Trees, Shrubs Ground Cover plants, Vines, Bamboo, Grasses, Corms, Ferns, Perennials, Annuals, Rhizomes, Bulbs, Palms, Tubers and Gingers.

This Africa Uganda plants guide has further been designed to work as your online supermarket for the plants, fruits & vegetables we've listed; here you're free to make an order of any listed plant or plant product, and we shall deliver it to your door step.

In this Africa Uganda plants Guide you will find;

We have also included farming guides with gardening tips for growing some of these plants.

Within this Africa Uganda plants guide we have also made a provision for you to make online orders and buy any plant, grass, tree, herb, seedling, cereal, fruit or vegetable that are grown in Uganda.

Whether you just want;

  • a food/plant sample for research purposes or
  • you require regular small quantities for use in an industrial process,or
  • you require large quantities for food processing,
  • for reselling,
  • for Hotel/restaurant Consumption, or
  • for home consumption, or
  • for use as medicine

we shall be able to fulfil your order on this Uganda Plants Guide...

This we shall do by employing our wealth of knowledgeable consultants and a countrywide network of grassroot and commercial farmers.

We're also able to organize your plants/plant product shipments outside Uganda, your African plant Exports/Imports.

Food Crops growing in Uganda

The list below shows you some of the common food plants grown in Uganda, several of these food crops are stapples for different regions and Tribes within Uganda and in Africa.

  • Maize/corn
  • Sorgum
  • Plantains/Bananas/Matooke
  • Cassava
  • sweet potatoes
  • Irish Potatoes
  • Millet
  • sorghum
  • Beans
  • Groundnuts
  • Soybeans
  • Sesame seeds
  • Yams

Cash Crops growing in Uganda

This list covers some of the common plants grown primary/traditionally for sale to factories or for export, the farmers who normally grow them have little use for the unprocessed crop.

  • Coffee
  • Cotton
  • Tobbacco
  • Tea
  • Vanilla
  • Sugar Cane

Fruits, Vegetables & Flowers

In this section of the Uganda plants guide you will find lists of common vegetable plants which are used as additionals to food but do not normally form main dishes themselves. Under this section we also cover common flowers grown for export as well as fruit baring plants.

Non-Food plants growing in Uganda

This section covers those important plants with non food uses, although some produce fruits used for food; these rare germs of trees, shrubs and grasses of Uganda have uses ranging from cultural, construction and industrial but can only be identified by an experienced eye. Some of these plants listed are growing freely in your backyard, some in forests and some on byways.

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Uganda Plant Guides , Industry News & Business Opportunities plus Guide Updates

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How to grow PUMPKIN in Uganda 
Pumpkins are a warm season vegetables belonging to the genus “Cucurbita”. The gourd fruit grows on vines and is mainly grown for its culinary elements. …

How to grow TOMATOES in Uganda 
Tomato is a vegetable of the solanaceae family locally know as “Enyanya” in luganda. The vegetable is one of the most popular vegetable grown by …

How to grow MANGOES in Uganda  
A mango is an evergreen fruit tree locally known as “omuyembe”. The tree is so pronounced in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The …

How to grow SOYBEANS in Uganda  
Soybean/Soyabean is one of the most important grain legumes grown in East Africa. It is mainly used for extraction of cooking oil and in animal feeds. …

How to grow MUSHROOMS in Uganda  
Since time memorial, mushrooms have made a significant contribution to human food and medicine. Mushrooms are not real plants; they are fungi and …

How to grow COCOA in Uganda  
All chocolate begins with cocoa beans, the fruit of a perennial cocoa tree. Scientist say the tree originated somewhere in south or Central America. …

Guavas in Uganda  
Apple Guava we have here in Uganda, Africa is also called the common guava (Psidium guajava; known as goiaba in Portuguese and guayaba in Spanish) is an …

Balanites aegyptiaca (desert date) 
What you can use the plant for: Medicine (roots, bark, fruit), food (fruit, leaves) , firewood, Charcoal, poles, gum, fencing (branches), Oil (fruit), …

Combretum molle Tree 
What you can use the plant for: You can use this tree as an important traditional medicine. Most African people use boiled root decoction to treat …

Uganda Extension Workers tipped on Matooke value addition 
Wednesday, 6th April, 2011 JOLLY Gonahasa is a matooke expert, having started a cookery institute at Wandegeya, a Kampala suburb. She has mastered the …

How to grow PASSION FRUITS in Uganda  
Passion fruit is a perennial vigorous vine, which grows to give oval or round shaped fruit. This vine is native to tropical regions of southern Brazil; …

How to grow SIMSIM/SESAME in Uganda  
Sesame or simsim is mainly grown in warm areas with little rainfall like Northen Uganda. Simsim is an erect annual herbaceous plant whose height …

How to grow IRISH POTATOES in Uganda  
Potato is a herbaceous starchy, tuberous crop and it’s locally known as the Irish potato cause of its originality. Globally the Irish potatoes are …

How to grow LETTUCE Vegetables in Uganda  
Lettuce is one of the oldest leafy vegetables known to man. It is believed that Lettuce originated from India and central Asia. Lettuce is the …

How to grow SWEET PEPPER in Uganda Not rated yet
Sweet peppers or rather bell peppers are a tender, warm season vegetable. Locally we know the bell peppers as “green pepper”, this is attributed …

How to grow COCOYAMS in Uganda Not rated yet
Cocoyam is one of the tuber crop used as food in Uganda. The tuber is more pronounced in the Buganda region and is locally known as “Obukupa”. …

How to grow PINEAPPLES in Uganda  Not rated yet
The pineapple is a tropical and sub tropical fruit grown in many African countries. Locally the fruit is known as “Enanansi”. The fruit is trade-able …

How to grow PAPAYA in Uganda  Not rated yet
Papaya/Pawpaw is a fast growing tree like herb that belongs to the cactus group of plants. The fruit is usually referred to as the pawpaw and “Epapali” …

How to grow COLLARDS in Uganda  Not rated yet
Collards are a popular leafy vegetable locally known as “Sukumawiki”. The dark green leaves are borne in rosettes around an upright stocky main …

How to grow CHILLI in Uganda  Not rated yet
Chilli production has been a fascination as a spice for a millennial now. The plant is sometimes referred to as hot pepper, and in Uganda we have …

How to grow ONIONS in Uganda  Not rated yet
Onions (allium cepa) locally known as “obutungulu” in luganda are cool season biennial crops. This vegetable is typically grown as an annual. The dry …

How to grow SWEET POTATOES in Uganda  Not rated yet
Sweet potato is one of the most important starchy crops. It’s an herbaceous, perennial creeper cultivated as an annual crop. In Africa, Uganda is …

How to grow STAR FRUIT in Uganda  Not rated yet
The carambola aka star fruit is a geometrically stunning, tender sweet fruit that comes from the Averrhoa carambola plant. The tree is native to the …

How to grow SPINACH in Uganda  Not rated yet
Spinach is easy to grow, and nutritious. This cool–season crop is among the first greens ready to harvest, as its quick to turn bitter and grow into …

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How to grow OKRA Vegetables in Uganda  Not rated yet
A member of the hibiscus family, okra makes one of the most beautiful blooms in the garden. It’s an annual, warm weather vegetable which explains …

How to grow LEMON GRASS in Uganda  Not rated yet
Lemon grass is a perennial herb with a light lemon scent and flavor. Native to India, lemon grass is a common ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisine. …

How to grow HIBISCUS ROSELLE in Uganda  Not rated yet
Hibiscus Roselle is an aromatic, astringent cooling herb that is much used in the tropical and sub tropical regions of the world. Roselle is a short …

How to grow GROUNDNUTS in Uganda  Not rated yet
Groundnut is one of the most important legumes grown and consumed in Uganda. The plant is translated in Luganda as Ebinyebwa Groundnuts are …

How to grow GARLIC in Uganda  Not rated yet
Garlic is perennial vegetable bulb grown as an annual in Uganda. Garlic is a member of the onion family, and has been cultivated for thousands of …

How to grow FINGER MILLET in Uganda  Not rated yet
Finger millet is an annual cereal crop widely grown in the arid areas of Africa. The crop grows to about 1.25m and produces tillers. Each tiller produces …

How to grow EGG PLANTS in Uganda  Not rated yet
Egg plants are short lived perennial vegetables which are native to Asia. They are mainly found in the tropical and sub tropical regions as they require …

How to grow CUCUMBER in Uganda  Not rated yet
Cucumbers are a warm season vegetable which originated in India before spreading to other regions of the world. Most cucumber varieties will grow …

How to grow CARROTS in Uganda  Not rated yet
Carrots are biennial vegetables, as they use leaves in their first year to gather energy from sun to build a big, starchy root. They come in shapes …

How to grow BROCCOLI Vegetables in Uganda  Not rated yet
Broccoli is a cool season crop that is a member of the cabbage family. It’s a descendant of wild Mediterranean kale. Its head is comprised of functional …

How to grow AMARANTHUS in Uganda  Not rated yet
The edible Amaranth/Amaranthus is an ancient food plant native to southern America. So revered was Amaranthus in ancient Inca and Aztec cultures, …

How to grow SAGE spices in Uganda  Not rated yet
Sage is a perennial shrub with downy, gray-green foliage. A classic herb for stuffing, sage is also used in salad as well as meat and poultry dishes …

How to grow ROSEMARY Spices in Uganda  Not rated yet
Rosemary is a tender perennial shrub that is ever green with blue flowers. This pungent and distinctive plant has a sweet resinous flavor which has …

How to grow OREGANO Spices in Uganda  Not rated yet
Oregano is a perennial herb with rose purple or white flowers and a taste reminiscent of thyme. Its zesty and strong taste has been an element used …

How to grow MARJORAM Spices in Uganda  Not rated yet
Marjoram is a tender herb grown as an annual in cold regions and a perennial for growers in warmer regions like Uganda Africa. Tracing its nativity …

How to grow FENNEL Bulb Spices in Uganda  Not rated yet
Fennel is a hardy that grows to about 5ft in height, having a dark green feathery leaves. This plant is native to the Mediterranean region, but is …

How to grow DILL Spices in Uganda  Not rated yet
Dill is a tender annual herb of the carrot family, native to Asia and Mediterranean regions. This spice has just been adopted in the Eastern African …

How to grow CILANTRO/Parsley Spices in Uganda  Not rated yet
Cilantro is an herb with savory, deep green leaves that are harvested fresh and used to flavor food. Cilantro and coriander come from one and the same …

How to grow CHIVE spices in Uganda  Not rated yet
Chive is tender perennial herb belonging to the onion family. In 30 days of planting chives gracefully put on succulent sheaths and delicate beautiful …

How to grow Chamomile Spice in Uganda  Not rated yet
Chamomile is an erect annual herb with small daisy like flowers. The herb is used to make a very popular and soothing herb tea. In the garden, pretty, …

How to grow the BASIL Spice in Uganda  Not rated yet
Basil is a bushy annual herb 1 to 2 ft high, with glossy opposite leaves. The leaves are used in cooking to impart their flavor to dishes. The herb originates …

Aleurites moluccana (Candle nut-tree) Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: Oil (seeds), firewood, food (seeds), shade, Ornamental etc. The nut is often used cooked in Indonesian and Malaysian …

Averrhoa carambola , Star fruit Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: The tree is cultivated in tropical and semitropical regions for its edible fruits and for medicinal uses. You can …

Azadiracha indica, Nimtee Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: You can use this tree as an important traditional medicine. Medicine(bark),fodder (leaves, oil seed cake), Ornamental, …

Kaduru and his American wife find fortune in Uganda Passion Fruit Farming Not rated yet
He walks with confidence–after all he drives a Land Cruiser VX, certainly an above average car for a rural folk. In the car, he carries golf equipment, …

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Prunus Africana, the wonder anti-cancer tree in Uganda Not rated yet
PRUNUS africana trees in Kibale and Mt. Rwenzori national parks have been discovered to have the highest concentration of the active ingredients needed …

Cordia millenii tree Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: You can use this tree plant for The wood, often traded as ‘cordia wood’ or ‘pooli’, is commonly used for construction, …

Albizia coriaria tree Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: You can use this tree plant for Fodder: Foliage eaten by livestock. Apiculture: The tree is a useful source of bee …

Annona senegalisis Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: You can use plant for Medicine (bark, root, gum, fruit); fodder (leaves); dye (bark); food (fruit -sweet pulp surrounding …

Aningeria adolfi-friedericii Tree Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: You can use plant's tree trunk for Timber (All uses, joinery, flooring, paneling, ply wood, veneer),the fruits for …

Anacardium occidentale  Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: You can use plant's Fruit for juice, liqueur, jam, or wine; the Resin is used for medicine; the nut shell oil for …

Alstonia boonei Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: You can use plants bark for Medicinal purposes, and Carvings. The plant is also used for shade in Banana, Tea and …

Santalum album Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: You can use plant for Oral Medicinal purposes, and for Topical/skin Medical purposes like Antiseptic and Aroma therapy. …

Cycad plants Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: You can use Cycads as Medicinal Plants, for Ornamental purposes and some cultures in Africa use Cycads for ceremonial …

Prunus Africana Tree Not rated yet
What you can use the plant for: You can use this plant as a Medicinal herb; the Bark, and leaves are used in some pharmaceutical Industries of France …

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