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How to grow SPINACH in Uganda

Spinach Leaves in Uganda

Spinach Leaves in Uganda

Spinach is easy to grow, and nutritious.

This cool–season crop is among the first greens ready to harvest, as its quick to turn bitter and grow into seeds.

The super-cold-hardy vegetable is a tender crop, with a dark green color and a handsome texture.

In only 5-9 days its seeds germinate, with only 6-8 weeks to give you a ready plant to harvest.

Common Spinach varieties in Uganda

There the hardy types which are tolerant to warm weathers like the New Zealand spinach and the Malabar spinach.

Other types include hector, Samish etc.

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How to propagate Spinach

Spinach is propagated by seed, and this should be under mild and cool temperatures, probably during early wet season.

Seeds take 5-9 days to germinate.

Spinach soil requirments

Soil requirements: spinach does best in well drained, fertile soils, high in organic matter, and plentiful and consistent moisture.

Nitrogen rich soils always give the best results. Spinach tolerates slightly alkaline soils but it’s sensitive to acidic soils.

It forms deep tap root, so for best growth, loosen the soil at least 1 foot deep before planting.

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How to plant Spinach in Africa

Plant your spinach seeds directly into the field.

Open up shallow trenches on the ground about 1 cm deep.

Thinly spread seeds, to ensure plenty of spinach growth.

Thin seedlings when they are about 1 inch tall.

Space each plant about 2-4 inches apart, and in a row 2 inches apart.

To yield fresh spinach all season long, sow other seeds after every 2-3 weeks of sowing.

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How to harvest Spinach in Uganda

After 6-8 weeks, start harvesting your spinach from any plant that has at least 30cm long leaves.

Carefully cut the outside leaves to extend plant productivity, or you can harvest the entire crop by cutting through the main plant.

Quick Tips for planting spinach in Africa

  • Prepare soil with aged manure about a week before planting.

  • Open up holes 1-2 cm deep and start sowing.

  • Sowing should be at a rate of 12 seeds over a wide row or bed.

  • Then cover lightly with soil.

  • Water the new plants to facilitate germination.

  • Fertilize only if it’s necessary.

  • When seedlings sprout to about 2 inches, thin them to 3-4 inches apart.

  • Beyond thinning, no cultivation is necessary. Roots are shallow and can easily be damaged.

  • Keep soil moist by mulching.

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