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How to grow Chamomile Spice in Uganda

Chamomile Flowers in Uganda

Chamomile Flowers in Uganda

Chamomile is an erect annual herb with small daisy like flowers. The herb is used to make a very popular and soothing herb tea.

In the garden, pretty, sweet smelling chamomile flowers sit on top making the plant s attractive.

Nativity of chamomile extends from Europe and now is seen to manifest in several tropical regions like Uganda.

Uses of the Chamomile

Chamomile is used to treat stomach aches, and in tonics

Chamomile is used to make homemade hair rinses.

You can grind a little chamomile and mix it with a little water into a paste which you can use to treat tooth aces.

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Common Chamomile varieties in Uganda

Moroccan chamomile and the Roman type chamomile.

How to propagate Chamomile Spice

You can propagate/grow chamomile using seeds, given optimal growth conditions chamomile can take about 7 to 14 days.

Alternatively you can use cuttings; chamomile cuttings have been used in regions which are cool with no light.

chamomile Soil requirements

You will see the best of chamomile spice plants on well drained, poor to average soils with a pH range between 5.6 to 7.5.

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How to Plant chamomile in Africa

chamomile is a good companion plant for basil, wheat, onion, cabbage and cucumber.

Sow seeds directly into the garden, in which case they should be broadcast over the area they should be planted.

You can plant in rows

Don’t cover the seeds because they need light to germinate.

Alternatively, you can plant chamomile using cuttings. Snip a healthy segment of Roman chamomile usually 3-4 inches from the tip. Remove the leaves from the lower ½ of the stem. Using a rooting hormone is not necessary, but it will increase the success rate of cuttings.Dip the tip in the root hormone and place it in pot or poly pot containing fresh soil.

How to harvest Chamomile Spice

It takes only six weeks for chamomile to reach its economic stage.

Harvest the flowers when they reach peak bloom.

You can use the flowers when fresh, or when dried.

Spread Chamomile flowers out to dry in a cool and ventilated area.

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Quick Tips for planting Chamomile

  • Hoe up site meant for planting to create a clear bed for sowing.

  • Propagate of chamomile by seeds or by cuttings.

  • Plant chamomile depending on the material you have picked for propagation.

  • For seeds; its best when you sow the seeds directly

  • Be sure to provide your seeds with light when planting you're in Uganda areas with tropical climate; chamomile seeds require light to germinate.

  • Open up 1 to ½ cm deep trenches in rows.

  • Sow chamomile seeds in to the trench or directly broad cast them over a fine bed.

  • Loosely cover the seeds or even don’t cover if you're sure no birds can pick them.

  • Water the field evenly because it takes a moist media for germination to happen.

  • Hoe around your chamomile plant to prevent weeds.

  • Harvest your chamomile for use after the 6th week from planting.

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