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How to grow COCOA in Uganda

Cocoa Beans in Freshly Cut Pods

Cocoa Beans in Freshly Cut Pods

All chocolate begins with cocoa beans, the fruit of a perennial cocoa tree.

Scientist say the tree originated somewhere in south or Central America.

Some say the first trees grew in the Amazon basin of Brazil while others place its origin in the Orinoco valley of Venezuela.

Wherever it’s first home, we know the cocoa tree is strictly a tropical plant thriving only in hot, rainy climates.

This places Africa as a main home for cocoa growth.

Cocoa can only be cultivated within 20 degrees north and south of the equator.

Common Cocoa varieties in Africa

There are two main species of cocoa, criollo and forastero.

Criollo is sometimes called the price of cocoas as it’s a very high quality grade of cocoa with exceptional flavor and aroma.

A third type of cocoa is Trinitario hybrid or across between the main species.

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How to Propagate Cocoa in Uganda

Cocoa is propagated both by seed and by cuttings.

Seeds are planted at stake where 3 seeds are planted per hole and later thinned to one.

Germination often is complete within 15 days of seed planting.

Alternatively cuttings can be obtained from young vigorous healthy trees in the mother garden.

These should be cut at a right angle usually above anode 5-12 inch along with 3-9 leaves.

Remove the bottom leaves and dip the base in a rooting hormone.

How to Plant Cocoa in Africa

Traditionally cocoa grows under a shade, such as natural shades provided by other trees.

So in preparation of the land for planting you should pick land which will protect the cocoa from direct sun light and winds.

Transplant of the seedlings when steady rains set in before the dry season.

A spacing of 3mx3m should be used which gives a plantation of 1000trees per hectare.

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How to Weed Cocoa in Uganda

Weed 3 to 4 times a year.

This should be done by ring weeding around the cocoa trees and slashing along the rows of the cocoa trees.

How to Harvest Cocoa

Harvesting Cocoa involves removing ripe pods from the tree, and opening them to extract the wet beans.

Ripe pods assume a distinctive color and seeds rattle inside, green pods turn yellow and red pods turn orange.

Make a clean cut through the stalk with a well sharpened blade to remove the cocoa seeds.

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Quick Tips for growing cocoa in Africa

  • Open up hole in arrow with a spacing of 3mx3m

  • Harden off seedlings meant for planting, by gradually increasing light and reducing humidity. This takes 28days.

  • Transfer the hardened off seedlings into the field, ensure to remove the polythen leaving the seedling with a ball of earth.

  • Put it in a hole and cover firmly with top soil first then subsoil.

  • Water thinly and mulch to conserve the soil moisture. However a small space of 5-6cm around the seedlings base should be left clear to allow air circulation.

  • Weed the plants basing on the intensity of the weeds

  • Prune the tree leaving only one main stem to facilitate formation of a cone canopy.

  • Harvest the pods when they ripen off

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