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Uganda Food Guide

Food culture & African Cuisine

As a business traveler to Uganda, we understand that you're concerned about what kind of food you will eat during your trip to Africa.

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You want to know how the food is prepared and whether you will be able to find your home food.

If vegetarian, then you're wondering whether you will be able find some quality vegan cuisine in Africa.

You're also contemplating whether you will stick to your home dishes or you will explore some African Traditional foods.

In this Uganda food guide we've put together information that will help you appreciate the new foods and cuisine you will find in Uganda. We want you to understand and be able to critic the Menu items at the very first African restaurant where you will eat dinner from during your business trip to Africa...

Imagine being foreign, on your first trip to Uganda, Africa and yet well able to order some popular Uganda traditional food like Matooke, and further insisting that it should be steamed (Ensaanike/Enyige) and served with Beef Luwombo...

Your waitress would most certainly freakout on your request and become extremely cautious when serving you...!

You will find info about the common foods eaten in Uganda and recipes for the dishes that are normally made out of these Uganda foods.

We've attempted to make some translations for most of the local names given to the foods in Uganda for your easy of understanding.

For your bonus, one great way you will be able to quickly learn the African culture as you do your business, is to learn the Uganda Cuisine.

The Uganda culture like many cultures is coded all through the Food cooking and serving practices:

For-example; the Baganda, a prominent tribe in Central Uganda have a common proverb saying that; Oluganda Kulya, Olugenda Enjala teluda; literally meaning that brotherhood is about sharing food, and if you get a visitor, even if he/she is your relative/brother, the relationship will end when the person goes without food, and will never visit you again.

In Uganda, if you're a man going to marry a Muganda lady, and have gone for the cultural Introduction Ceremony, at the girl's parents' home, where you (the Muko) have to pay the bride price, you will be served with a Full Chicken cooked as a Luwombo which is considered a sign of respect.

You will almost never make a meaningful function in Uganda, be it...

  • Business meeting
  • Product launch,
  • Office party,
  • Wedding/other Traditional Marriage Ceremony
  • Birthday Party,
  • Home/Family get-together party,
  • School Party,
  • Sports Party,
  • Christmas Party,
  • Easter Party,
  • Other Religious Party,
  • Burial Ceremony , or
  • any African cultural function without serving something to eat.
  • And for sure if you get the food Cooking correct on your function in Uganda... , then you've made a successful occasion by a distinction.

    Even when you're out alone on a vacation in Uganda, and you want to try out some authentic/Traditional African Dishes, you will want your food to have been cooked the right way..!

    In this African Food Guide:

    You will learn about common Uganda foods

    You will find Recipes on how to Cook traditional local Foods/dishes in Uganda You will find dishes from (A) Buganda/Central Region; (B) Western Region; (C) Eastern Region and the (D) Northern Region.

    Some of the information you will find in the Uganda recipes on this African Food Guide Include:

    • The Name of Food/Dish Recipe
    • Information about the Traditional African Food Culture surrounding the dish
    • How much time it will take you to prepare the dish
    • A photograph of the finished Uganda Food
    • The required ingredients along with their quantities or proportions that you will include in this Africa Dish
    • Necessary equipment and environment you need to prepare the dish
    • Simple Practical steps and Techniques on how to Prepare the African Dish/Food
    • The number of servings that this Uganda recipe will provide (the "yield")
    • The Food texture and flavor
    • How long the dish will keep and its suitability for freezing.
    • Nutritional information, such as calories per serving and grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates per serving.
    • Some variations of the traditional dish, with different tastes of the same recipe
    • The Cost of the different ingredients in the Recipe and where to buy the different foods in Uganda.

    In this food guide you will also be able to request a Practical Home Cooking Training session for each Uganda Food Recipe

    You are also able to request for Catering/whole Events planning Services if you have no cooking time.

    Uganda Foods traditionally Eaten Whole as Main Dish

    Plantain: Types of Plantain in Uganda (a) Matooke, (b) Gonja, (c) Kivuvu

    Cassava (Mawogo/Muwogo)

    Sweet potatoes (Lumonde)

    Irish Potatoes (Obumonde obuzungu)

    Yams: Types of Yams in Uganda include (a) Arrow yams-Mayuni Bwaise, (b) Ndaggu, (c) Baluggu, (d) Bukoppa

    Pumpkin (Ensujju)

    Maize Cob

    Click Here to find recipes for these Uganda Foods

    Uganda Foods from Flour

    Maize flour (Obuwunga bwa kasooli)

    Cassava flour (Obuwunga bwa mawogo)

    Click Here to find recipes for these Uganda Foods

    Uganda Foods Traditionally Eaten as the Sauce

    Greens/Vegetable Foods (Enva endiirwa): (a) Nakati, (b) Bugga, (c) Ddodo, (d) Nsugga, (e)JJombyo, (f)Gobbe, (g)Obuyindiyindi (h) Ettimpa, (i)Ebiguju, (j)Essunsa, (k)Ebisobooza, (l)Kantunkuma, (m)Entula, (n)Ebigaga

    Grass hoppers (Ensenene): Typically eaten as a delicacy

    White Ants (Enswa)

    Click Here to find recipes for these Uganda Foods

    Foods from Birds/Poultry (Ebinyonyi)

    Chicken (Enkoko)

    Duck ( EMbaata)

    Traditionally Game birds now being domesticated

    Guinea Fowl (Enkofu)

    Quails (Enkwale)

    Click Here to find recipes for these Uganda Foods

    Foods from animal Meat ( Enyama)

    (a) Beef (Enyama ye ente)

    (b) Offals from cows ( Ebyenda bye ente)

    (c) Goats meat (Enyama ye mbuzi)

    (d) Offals from goats (Ebyenda bye mbuzi)

    (e) Lamb (Enyama ye Ndiiga)

    (f) Pork (Enyama ye mbizzi)

    Traditionally Game animals now being domesticated

    (g) Mpewo meat ( Enyama ye Mpewo)

    (h) Rabbit meat (Enyama ya kamyu)

    (i) Omusu meat (Enyama yo Musu)

    Click Here to find recipes for these Uganda Foods

    Foods from Offals (Ebyenda)

    (a) Liver (Ekibuumba)

    (b) Heart (Omutiima)

    (c) Kidney ( Ensigo)

    (d) Pancreas/Spleen

    (e) Lungs (Amawololo)

    (f) Hooves/legs (Ebigele)

    Click Here to find recipes for these Uganda Foods

    Foods from Fish (Ebyenyanja)

    (a) Tilapia (Engege)

    (b) Semutundu (Semutundu)

    (c) Cat Fish (Emale)

    (d) Clay Fish (Ensozi)

    (e) Enkejje (Enkejje)

    (f) Silver Fish (Mukene)

    (g) Lung Fish (Emmamba)

    (h) Kasulu (Kasulu)

    Click Here to find recipes for these Uganda Foods

    Sauce from Non-Meat Foods

    Groundnuts/Peanut (Ebinyeebwa)

    Beans (Ebijanjalo)

    Peas (Kawo)

    Mushroom (obutiko) Foods; (a) Obutiko obubaala, (b) Big with very long tap root ( Gudu), (c) Bugya nankumba (Obtiiko ordinary- now being grown), (d) Obutiko with very long tap root.

    Click Here to find recipes for these Uganda Foods

    Uganda Foods typically eaten as Fruit Juices

    Passion fruits (Obutunda); (a) Hard Cover (green), (b)Soft Shell (purple), (c) Hybrid (purple)


    Oranges (Emicungwa): (a) Emicugwa egya bulijjo, (b) Lemon (Eniimu); Small lemon & Big Lemon, Very Big Oranges (Sequngwa )

    Tangerine (Mangada)

    Banana Juice (omubiisi); (a) Omubiisi gwa mabidde, (b) Omubiisi gwa Muusa, (c) Omubiisi gwa kisubi

    Click Here to find recipes for these Uganda Foods

    Foods typically eaten as whole Fruits ( Ebibaala)

    Pawpaw (Mapaapali)

    Sweet Bananas (Amenvu): (a) Small sweet Bananas (Ndiizi), (b) Big sweet Bananas (Bogoya), (c) Hybrid Big sweet bananas(Fia) Bogoya omunene enyo,

    Black Berries (Enkenene)

    Guavas (Mapera): (a) Guava’s ordinally(Amapeera agabulijjo), (b) Apple Guava ( Amapeera amanene enyo agalinga apple)

    Pineapple ( Enanansi)






    Goose Berry (Entuntunu)


    Sugar canes (Ekikajo): Types include (a) Goowa, (b) Ebikajjo Ebiganda (puple), (c)Kawoolo, (d)Kakeejje (purple with Stripes), (e) Nakasagazi (Usually in Swamps clay soil)

    Cocoa (koko)

    Click Here to find recipes for these Uganda Foods

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