Plan out the Best route for your Flights to Uganda, find discounted Airline tickets and Get Aviation Tips for your Business Trip to Africa.

Your flights to Uganda will most likely take more than 4 hours before you arrive at Entebbe Airport,whether you're flying from North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Middle East, or Asia.

Flight to Uganda Entebbe Airport

Because you will have to make such frequent trips to Africa as a business traveler, it is worth the time and effort to plan out for your flights.

Plan an enjoyable flight to Uganda and you will look-forward to your next business trip to Africa.

On this page we shall introduce you to the general outlook of air travel to Uganda Africa,

  • the major Airlines in operation and their routes to Uganda,
  • when to get discounted air tickets,
  • and some great tips for such long-haul flights...
  • The Information and tips on this page will save you lots of precious time and money especially if you're a first time Traveler to Africa.

The Destination for Your Flights to Uganda

Unlike most countries where major airports are located within the capital city, your destination is Entebbe Airport when flying to Kampala Uganda.

Entebbe Airport is the hub for Ugandan air travel. Entebbe is forty Kilometers South West of Kampala, Uganda's Capital city. Sixteen international Airlines currently have scheduled operations to and from Entebbe International Airport and serve fourteen destinations with connection to the rest of the world. Cheap flights to the rest of the African countries can be got here.Uganda has also concluded Bilateral Air Service Agreements with thirty three countries.

Entebbe International Airport lies astride the equator at latitude 00.020 North and longitude 320 East, for which reason it has often been described as the "Airport on the Equator".

Elevated at 3782 feet above sea level, the airport is part of a peninsular bordering Africa's biggest fresh-water-lake, Victoria.

When the pilot mentions that you are now flying over Lake Victoria, Know that you're just about to Land at Entebbe Airport.

Entebbe has a tropical climate all year round, with temperatures ranging between 17 and 27 degrees Celsius in January and 16 and 25 degrees Celsius in July.

Uganda's geographical location in the heart of Africa,gives Entebbe International Airport greater advantage for hub and spoke operations in the Great Lakes region.Many flights to other cities in Africa therefore take place from here.

International Airlines operating at Entebbe include:

  • Qatar Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Air Burundi
  • Air Tanzania
  • British Airways
  • Cetraca Aviation Service
  • Egypt Air, Emirates
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Kenya Airways
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Rwanda Air Express
  • SN Brussels
  • South African Airways
  • Sudan Airways
  • TMK Air Commuter and
  • Precision Air.

Choosing the Best Route for your flights to Uganda

As a business traveler, you're most interested in three factors when choosing the route for your flights to Uganda:

  • First and foremost is the cost, you're looking for value for your hard earned cash not necessarily the cheapest flight.
  • Secondly is the Duration of the Flight,some routes are clearly longer than others and you wouldn't want to waste valuable business transaction time in the air.... this is when you might opt for a direct flight even if it would cost you a little more.
  • Thirdly, you look out for opportunities of Multitasking. Supposing you're flying from USA, you're better off taking the Emirates Route through Dubai where you intend to meet a business partner before proceeding to Entebbe, than flying with British Air through London where you do not have any business to transact en route.

Here are some of the Major routes you need to evaluate when planning your flight to Uganda

  • British Airways runs direct flights to and from London every other day at Entebbe Airport
  • South African Airways runs Direct flights to and from Johannesburg three days a week and has recently launched daily flights from Entebbe to Johannesburgto allow passengers to connect to other flights.
  • Emirates offers flights from Entebbe to Dubai via Nairobi and Addis Ababa with onward connections to Europe, N. America, and Asia from Dubai.Emirates has two daily flights from New York to Dubai and you can connect in Dubai for another flight to Entebbe.
  • Ethiopian Airlines offers service to Addis Ababa
  • Kenya Airways and KLM fly daily from Entebbe to Amsterdam either via Nairobi or direct.
  • Brussels Airlines flies non-stop from Entebbe to Brussels, where you can take a connecting flight to the rest of Europe or to India, China or the USA

  • Click here for information about flights within Uganda

    How to Find Cheap flights to Uganda

    So when can you get cheap flights to Uganda ? Your best bargain on airfares will depend on the season you're planning to make your trip.

    You will most likely obtain a Cheap air ticket to Uganda beginning early November towards the end of March in the following year.

    The season of cheap flights to Uganda excludes the Christmas and New Year weeks when flights are expensive.

    Between the months of March through April, May and early June, airfares are still rather fair and quite competitive.

    Expensive flights to Uganda are available late June to early September,when most families are on holiday because the weather is friendly.

    Therefore, if planning on a tight budget avoid scheduling a business trip during this season.....if you must however, use other cost cutting measures like reducing the number of delegates, booking a cheaper hotel, choosing a cheaper route.

    Even after cost cutting you could still have over spent your budget plan and yet you have to make that business trip to Africa Uganda.

    Here is how you can get a cheaper flight to Uganda during this high season.

    Compare prices for air tickets to Uganda from all airlines operating in your country with Entebbe Uganda as one their destinations.

    You can either do this yourself by surfing the internet or through a travel agent.

    Use the data you have collected to book the least expensive flight to Uganda. Do not be surprised if get a 10% discount.

    You will not go wrong with this technique because airlines are ever competing and coming up with discounted travel options to increase their customers.

    Click here to find airport time saving tips for your flights to Uganda

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