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Vanilla Body and HomeCare Product Recipes

Vanilla has become irresistible to world today not just because of the sweet aroma Vanilla imparts to countless food, beverage and Dessert Vanilla recipes; but vanilla has also been found to posses some interesting health benefits when you consume it in your food or apply it on your skin or hair.

When used in hair products; vanilla helps to strengthen hair and prevents hair loss (alopecia). 

The Vanilla Flavor and health properties have made Vanilla an essential ingredient in manufacture of  fragrances for Body Care and Home Care consumer products. 

Vanilla Body PerfumeVanilla Body Perfume
by C&A

On this Vanilla consumer's guide we have put together some recipes you can try out at home and create your very own Vanilla Body Care and Home Care products. 

Vanilla Body Care Product Recipes

Vanilla Home Care Product Recipes 

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