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The Unique and Exclusive Advertising Value Of Africa-Uganda-Business-Travel-Guide.Com

Africa-Uganda-Business-Travel-Guide.Com offers unique, well-priced, custom-designed and targeted Africa Uganda advertising options that reach your customer during the pivotal trip-planning stage. This passionate, Africa Uganda-loving site is the most visited e-destination by prospective Business Travelers. It offers Africa Uganda advertisers, through the format of exclusive sponsorships, the opportunity to increase business in your sector serving the needs of Investors and Tourists to Africa.

You have the opportunity to reach people who are Traveling to Africa Uganda for purposes related to their work and are also those planning start business in Africa.

Business travel is usually about business, but it's hard to stay human if all you think about is business when you're traveling; and thats why your vaccation related services will also be seen by these busy visitors. It is always Business and Pleasure.

Business travel is a significant expense for companies of all shapes and sizes globally. Indeed, business observers cite travel costs as one of the largest expenditure areas for many companies.

Certainly, several Foreign industries rely on business travelers for their continued existence, business travelers account for more than 50 percent of airline revenues in the U.S., for example.

Statistics from US alone reveal that Direct Business Travel Spending accounted for over USD 230 Billion for the year 2010.

The Top Business Traveler Spenders for the year 2008 included;

  • Business Services: Over USD 60 Billion
  • Finance, Insurance, Real Estate: Over USD 45 Billion
  • Manufacturing: Over USD 30 Billion
  • Education & Health Care : Over USD 15 Billion

When you advertize with therefore, your business will be found by individuals planning business trips to Uganda Africa to make sales, keep in contact with vendors, market their products or services, and keep up with industry trends via trade shows, and conventions.

Reach Africa Uganda Business Travelers Before They Visit

There are many offline ways to advertise your Commercial Bank, Insurance Company, Telecom Company, Airline , hotel, villa, restaurant, Safari Company and all other Business Travel related services. The common route is still to place ads in the numerous free, Airport Banners, glossy magazines Newspapers and brochures that Uganda visitors often pick up after arriving.

Although most Business Travelers spend more when compared with causal tourists, a significant number, almost 40%, operate on a tight budget and thus demand real value for their hard earned dollars.

The Major Sources of Travel Spending include

  • Food Services: USD 188.7 Billion
  • Public Transportation: USD 140.0 Billion
  • Lodging USD 136.3 Billion
  • Auto Transportation: USD 129.0 Billion
  • Recreation/Amusment: USD 83.4 Billion
  • Retail: USD 81.4 Billion

By the time your ad is seen at Entebbe Airport, they have probaly already made their decision regarding accommodations, rental car, restaurant, Amusment park, commercial bank, and the Insurance service provider for their business.

When you advertize with Africa Uganda Business Travel Guide .com you will be able to directly reach Business Travelers to Africa, these are realy high networth individuals, with no less than USD 1000 to spend, seeking new business opportunities in Uganda, government officials on state duties or professionals on research expeditions who are are seeking the valuable information that is on our website.

The other caliber of people who you will reach are Ugandans interested in Real Estate and other information and news about Uganda.

The last group of visitors are the Ugandans in the Diaspora who want to keep up to-date with business at home.

Africa-Uganda-Business-Travel-Guide.Com currently ranks Number 1 at all the three major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the Keyword Uganda Business Travel. We also rank among the Top results for the Keyword Africa-Business-Travel.

Your business will thus be exposed to our growing number of Unique targeted visitors every single day from over 130 Countries around the globe at a critical decision making point when planning that business trip to Africa.

Your business also stands to benefit from our growing list of enthusiastic E-newsletter subscribers.

Africa Uganda Sponsorship Opportunities and Rates

Africa-Uganda-Business-Travel-Guide.Com is accepting a limited number of sponsorships on an exclusive basis in each category (ex. Banks, Mobile Telecoms, villas, hotels, restaurants, Insurance).

You must truly have an excellent product or service for business Travelers to Africa.

Africa-Uganda-Business-Travel-Guide.Com will not work with a company that would result in visitors having a substandard experience during their business Trip to Africa.

Our Ad rates are based on traffic (site-wide or specific pages), value to the sponsor and ad format/size/prominence.

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