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How to grow SOYBEANS in Uganda

Soybean/Soyabean is one of the most important grain legumes grown in East Africa.
It is mainly used for extraction of cooking oil and in animal feeds.
Soy is also used in various food preparations/recipes especially for weaning babies.
The Capability of Soybean to improve soil fertility has made it a common crop in the East African countries.

Common Soybean varieties in Uganda

The most recommended Soya bean varieties for Uganda are Maksoy 1N and Maksoy 4M; these two Soybean varieties yield between 2000 - 2500Kg/ha.

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Soil requirements for Soybean

Nitrogen, and phosphorus are the critical nutrients in soils for soybean.

These determine good root and stem development and pod formation.

How to plant Soybean in Africa

Soybean can be planted using a hand hoe or the mechanical planter.

However, the spacing varies, with hand hoes taking on a spacing of (50x25cm) with 3 seeds per hole.

For machine planted the spacing is (60x5cm) with 1 seed per hole.

A cheap way of providing nitrogen to soybean crop is by inoculating the seed with Bradyrhizobium japonicum.

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How to Weed Soybean

Weeding is recommended to be done 3weeks after planting followed by a second weeding 3weeks later.

How to harvest your Soybean in Uganda

Soybean is ready for harvesting when the pods dry and give a rattling sound.

Delay in harvest may lead to pod shattering and loss of grains.

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Quick Tips for growing soybean in Africa

  • Soybeans do grow better on friable soils which have rather adequate nitrogen and phosphorus minerals.

  • On a well prepared field, open up holes of about 5-6 cm in rows.

  • Use certified seeds for sowing.

  • Before placing the seeds in to the holes, dust them with thairum to protect them from fungi.

  • Using 2-3 seeds sow them in to the holes and cover with soils.

  • Weed the crop 2 to 3 weeks from planting. NPK fertilizers can be used to supplement nitrogen and phosphorus source in the soil.

  • Harvest the crop as recommended above.

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