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Buy Premium Uganda Vanilla Beans

For over seven years, we at UGP Traders (U) Limited have been devoted to perfecting the Vanilla Curing Technique and providing the highest quality Uganda Vanilla Beans to our esteemed customers.

Buy Vanilla BeansBuy Vanilla Beans

Based in Uganda, Africa – the heartland of some of the world’s finest vanilla – we take immense pride in our deep commitment to quality, consistency and exceptional customer service.

So, Why Choose Uganda Vanilla Beans?

Uganda Vanilla Beans are known worldwide for their distinctively rich flavor, sweet aroma and high vanillin content, offering a unique experience your taste buds are sure to remember.

With each bean, you will unlock a world of premium flavor and unrestrained culinary potential.

Our Promise: Is Quality You Can Taste

Each of our beans are carefully cultivated and hand-selected in the volcanic-rich soils of Uganda, ensuring you receive the finest quality product every time.

We diligently follow sustainable Vanilla Growing, Harvesting and Curing practices that not just ensure the best yield but also respect the environment.

A Bean for Every Need

Whether you are a vanilla importer looking for a reliable supply of top-tier vanilla beans, a gourmet chef seeking that special ingredient to elevate your dishes, or a vanilla extract manufacturer wanting the purest vanilla, our Uganda Vanilla Beans are tailored to satisfy your needs.

Ice cream makers you will savor the full-bodied, creamy flavor our beans add to their mixes.

As a Perfumer you will appreciate the deep, complex notes our vanilla brings to your scents.

Confectionery owners and bakers, prepare to dazzle your customers with extraordinary taste that can only come from our authentic Uganda Vanilla Beans.

So, What Grade of Vanilla Beans should you Buy?

The Grade of Uganda Vanilla Beans you should buy will normally depend on the purpose and scale for which you want to use the vanilla beans. 

Typically industrial scale users of Vanilla Beans opt for Grade B Vanilla Beans because they are normally not concern with the physical appearance of the Vanilla beans rather the flavor and the quantity.

As a small scale home-made vanilla extract manufacture however, you would most likely wish to receive some beautiful Vanilla beans to encourage your hobby. 

Difference Between Grade A and Grade B Vanilla Beans

The grading we normally use when selling our Uganda Vanilla Beans is determined primarily by their physical characteristics and moisture content.

Grade A beans are considered to be of superior quality, largely gourmet or "prime" vanilla beans. They measure 13-22 cm in length and possess a moisture content of around 30-35%. These beans have a supple and flexible texture, reliably producing a rich and robust flavor profile that's renowned worldwide. Their large size and high moisture content make them ideal for cooking and baking applications.

On the other hand, Grade B beans are typically shorter, very dry, or cut beans. While they might not be as visually appealing as their Grade A counterparts, they contain about 15-35% moisture and are commonly used for making vanilla extract.

Despite being drier, their flavor is still intense, and they hold an equal vanillin content, assuring the desired sweet, creamy, and complex flavor of premium vanilla.

Therefore, both grades have their specific uses and are valued in the culinary world, depending on the usage and required flavor intensity.

Begin Your Journey with UGP Vanilla Beans Today

Embark on a flavor voyage like no other with UGP cured Vanilla Beans. Let us help you add sublime notes of luxury to your culinary offerings, enrich your crafted perfumes or elevate your ice cream.

Whatever your need, we’re here to ensure you have access to the finest Uganda Vanilla Beans.

Experience the exceptional taste and aroma of our premium Uganda Vanilla Beans. Allow us to serve you with the African heartland's most prized spice.

We are not just delivering a product; we are delivering an unforgettable experience from our soils to your senses!

Get in touch with us to start your journey today. 


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