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How to grow BROCCOLI Vegetables in Uganda

Broccoli  Veges in Uganda

Broccoli Veges in Uganda

Broccoli is a cool season crop that is a member of the cabbage family. It’s a descendant of wild Mediterranean kale.

Its head is comprised of functional flower buds, it’s this foliar part which is harvested and used for culinary purposes.

Broccoli growth is so much inclined to the conditions of the temperate regions and this explains its nativity in these areas other than the tropics.

Common Broccoli varieties in Uganda

There two types of broccoli, sprouting and heading .

Sprouting types form small shoots in the leaf axils over a long time, while the heading types are a relatively recent introduction which produces one large central head.

Common cultivars grown include: Broccoli Acardia, Broccoli Emperor, Broccoli Green Belt, Broccoli Green Comet, Broccoli Green Valiant, Broccoli Packman, Broccoli Raab, Broccoli Romanesco, and Broccoli Saga.

How to Propagate Broccoli Vegetables in Africa

Broccoli is propagated by seed, seeds will germinate at soil temperatures as low as 40F and in only 4-7 days the seedlings will emerge.

Soil requirements for growing Broccoli Vegetables

Broccoli prefers well drained fertile soils with pH between 5.8-6.5.

Though it can tolerate slightly alkaline soils. Needs plenty and consistent moisture.

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How to plant Broccoli Vegetables

Broccoli veges can be planted directly by seeding or by using transplants.

Shortly before planting, treat seeds in a hot water bath.

This helps to kill the seed-borne bacteria and fungi that can decimate young plants.

Plant seeds 1-2 cm deep, about 7-8 cm apart between crops and 2-3 feet between rows.

Use low nitrogen at planting.

Plants have shallow root system so avoid even shallow cultivation.

Water he soil to provide consistence ground moisture.

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How to harvest Broccoli Vegetables in Uganda

It takes about 65-70 days to harvest broccoli vegetables after sowing.

At this time the buds of the head are firm and tight.

Harvesting should be before flowering sets in.

For a best taste, harvest in the morning before soil heats up.

Cut the stalk of the main head at aslant about 5-8 inches below the head.

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Quick Tips for planting broccoli vegetables

  • Till up land meant for planting to make a clear field.

  • Open up trenches which are 1-2 cm below the surface.

  • Sow seeds 30-60 cm apart leaving about 2-3 feet between rows.

  • Cover with soil and then gently firm.

  • Water the soil to provide moisture.

  • Mulch the row to suffocate weeds as cultivation may disturb the shallow roots of the plant.

  • Fertilize when plants are 6-8 inches tall, and use low nitrogen as it may cause hollow stems.

  • Harvest your broccoli for dinning after 70 days in the garden.

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