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How to Grow Beans in Uganda

Are you planning to start growing bean on commercial scale in Uganda?

......just looking to start a small beans garden in your backyard and are searching the internet for tips and ideas? 

Or you're shopping online to buy beans produce for consumption at your home/school/hospital/camp/hotel or you just need to buy seed for planting? 

Mature Beans Pods on Green PlantMature Bean Pods ready for Harvest in Africa

Whatever your search is about beans in Africa, please take time to read through this Uganda planting guide for answers; We answer some common questions that any successful beans grower in Uganda would ask ...

Beans are herbaceous annual plants grown for their edible seeds, and occasionally for its leaves that are eaten as vegetables. They are one of the most widely grown vegetables in East Africa. This is so cause they are easy to grow, and are cheap sources of proteins and energy.

On this Uganda plant guide you will find information about:

We also give you the opportunity to ask the plant guide any question about growing beans in Uganda; we prefer that you ask questions for topics not yet addressed in this beans planting guide.

How to Classify your Beans in Uganda

Common beans range from being determinate to indeterminate. The extreme indeterminate types are grown as climbers with staking to support their stems.

Determinate growth means that the bean plants stop producing new leaves (growing vegetatively) once the flowers have developed. Vine-type field bean varieties have indeterminate growth, meaning they continue to grow, flower and set pods as long as temperature and moisture permit.

Determinate beans are also called bush or dwarf and grow up to about one and half feet high, while climbing beans may grow as high as 2.5m.

In East Africa especially Uganda we have Nambale, K131 (1994), K132 (1994), NABE 2(1995), NABE 3, NABE 4, NABE 5 etc. All these varieties are bush type. Climbing types include NABE (7C, 8C, 9C, 10C), the most recent is NABE 12 released in 2003.

What your beans will need to grow

Soil requirements; You can grow your beans on both fertile smooth and rough seedbeds. However when you grow beans on smooth soils, you should be cautious enough to avoid soil erosion. Your beans will need optimal levels of Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; these are major limiting factors for production.

How to plant your beans

We recommend row planting.

The depth of planting shouldn’t exceed 5cm as your seeds may not germinate when planted deep.

We would recommend spacing of (50x10cm or 25x20cm) for bush types, and (50x15cm or 50x20cm) for climbing beans.

....and please remember to stake your Climbing beans.

How to manage weeds in your beans garden

Beans should be kept weed free especially in the early stages of the crop growth.

You will normally need just one weeding operation at about 3 week after planting.

Quick Tips for Planting your Beans in Africa

  • On apreviously prepared land, open up holes of 2-5 cm depth in rows
  • Sowing is preferable at the on set of rains
  • To each hole add 2-3 seeds in each hole
  • Then thinly cover with alayer of soil to cover the seeds
  • Be sure to water your seeds if you sow before the on set of the rains
  • Monitor weed and insect pests as these can slow down your production
  • Weed your beans 2 to 3 weeks after sowing or depending on the weed intensity
  • You may adopt multipurpose fertilizers like NPK to supplement nutrients
  • Harvest your bean pods in the 7th or 6th week depending on the variety and date of planting

  • Bean Varieties in AfricaBean varieties in Uganda


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