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How to grow MARJORAM Spices in Uganda

Marjoram Plants in Uganda

Marjoram Plants in Uganda

Marjoram is a tender herb grown as an annual in cold regions and a perennial for growers in warmer regions like Uganda Africa.

Tracing its nativity back in the North Africa and Asia, marjoram is another herb naturalized in the tropical regions of East Africa.

Related to oregano, this herb dresses a similar flavor to oregano. However it’s sweeter and less pungent than oregano.

Common Marjoram varieties in Africa

There 5 known types of Marjoram today:

Golden marjoram-this has bright green leaves and blooms with pink flowers

Sweet marjoram- this has tasty green leaves

Pot marjoram- has dark green hairy leaves and pink flowers.

Dwarf marjoram- this is a compact cultivar with small green oval leaves with white flowers.

Common marjoram- this is commonly known as wild oregano. It has the strongest flavor.

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Marjoram soil requirements

Marjoram prefers alkaline soils that are rich in organic matter with variable pH from 7.0 to 8.0.

How to Propagate Marjoram in Uganda

Marjoram can be propagated both by seed and vegetatively by layering a healthy stem of the parent plant.

A layered stem takes about 2-5 weeks to root so one has to be patient.

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How to plant Marjoram in Africa

Shovel up the site meant for planting your marjoram, after clearing the site open up hole in the soil to place a starter plant in it with the roots inside.

Remember when layering a branch, scratch off the foliar edge of the branch, and then gently bend the branch in to the soil.

However take caution that the branch doesn’t crack. You even add a rooting hormone before soiling; this will help accelerate the rooting process. Then soil the layered branch and water.

Marjoram is also a good companion plant for lettuce, root vegetables, and bushes as its pungent scent confuses caterpillars and other pests of egg plant, pumpkin and zucchinis’.

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How to Harvest Majoram

Harvest your marjoram after 6 weeks of plating. Pick leaves before the flower buds open, this way you will be able to obtain the best aromatic flavor of marjoram.

Use leaves either fresh or dry, can even freeze to preserve.

Quick Tips for planting marjoram in Uganda

  • You can plant marjoram direct in to the field or just in containers.

  • For layered plant material wait after it has rooted and transfer the cutting into a pot or soil.

  • Gently cut the layered part from the mother plant, however caution should be taken not to damage the small roots.

  • Open up holes in a row about 1-2cm deep.

  • Transfer in the layered cutting.

  • Alternatively you can sow the seeds at a rate of 3-5 seeds per hole.

  • Then thinly cover the sown seeds with soil.

  • Water adequately to provide moisture for germination.

  • Weed your beds as marjoram is easily affected by weeds.

  • Pick marjoram leaves after 6 weeks of planting to spice up your meals.

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