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How to grow CHILLI in Uganda

Chilli in Uganda

Chilli in Uganda

Chilli production has been a fascination as a spice for a millennial now.

The plant is sometimes referred to as hot pepper, and in Uganda we have a general name for it as “Kamulali”.

Recently there has been a tremendous scope for hot pepper production because of the growing exporting companies that are demanding for its supply.

Common Chilli varieties grown in Uganda

A number of chilli varieties are grown for fresh consumption and processing today, they include the following;

  • Habanero _ these have a light, fruity flavor with a searing heat that builds and builds.

  • Scotch Bonnets_ these are irregular wrinkled pods of various shapes sizes and color. It’s one of the most exported chills today.

  • Birdseye _ this the second largely grown chill in Uganda, the chills are shot, narrow fruits tapering to blunt point that sits proud on the plant.

  • Thai hot _these are very hot chilies, around 2 cm long. They start out green and mature in to bright red.

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Soil requirements for growing Chilli in Africa

Chills require well drained soils with a moderate fertility to grow. The plants are tolerant to a pH range from 5.5 to 6.8.

How to propagate Chilli

Chilies are started using quality disease free seeds. These will take about 14 days to properly emerge.

How to plant Chilli in Uganda

Get started for chilli production by setting up a bed.

Dig the site meant for planting to make a raised square bed.

Heap up the soil to level it up a bit, then incorporate in animal manure, and also get dry grass and cover it on top.

Light up the grass to burn completely, this will not only add ash minerals to the bed but it will also kill soil born pests.

Leave the soils to cool before you can put in the seeds.

Make shallow furrows on the bed and then lightly scatter the seeds into the furrows.

Cover them lightly with the soil mixture and also water.

Spray the bed with a fungicide and pesticide to enhance uniform growth. This will also reduce chances of damping off that comes with fungal diseases and foliar easting pests.

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About Transplanting Chilli in your Garden

Seedlings are ready for transplanting at 5 to 8 true leaf stage.

Usually these would be 30 days after sowing.

Prior to transplanting make sure the bed is watered to avoid stressing the seedlings.

The transfer should also be done in the evening when the sunshine is not too much.

Open up holes 3cm deep, broad cast animal manure in each hole, mix and then plant in the seedlings.

Thinly cover the planted seedling with soil. Immediately have another person spraying the plants with a fungicide and a pesticide.

A spacing of 60-75cm apart within rows and 20cm between plants should be maintained. Watch out for mites, leaf miners, thrips, and blossom end rot when the fruits do mature.

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How to Harvest Chilli in Uganda

Chilies are ready for harvesting about 8 to 12 weeks after transplanting, though this may be depend on the type of variety and the season of the year.

As indicator of maturity, chilies will change from green to yellow to orange or red color.

Therefore the specific color demanded in the market will dictate when to harvest the fruit.

Harvest once per week by grasping the fruit in the hand and gently press against the stem.

Follow by snapping the fruit off the plant.

Make sure that you put on clothed gloves when harvesting as the chilli heat might affect your palm skin.

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About the Chilli Market in Uganda

So far the major market is the exporting companies which sell the fresh habanero and scotch bonnet chilies abroad.

The other consumers of the chilies would be pharmaceutical companies here, and even the locals who enjoy the hot spice, the hotels and vegetable markets are other out lets for selling chilies.

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Quick Tips fpr planting Chillies in Uganda

  • Till up land meant for planting and make 2cm deep holes in a row.

  • Scatter in animal manure in each hole and then mix.

  • Transplant your seedlings in to the holes, and then gently cover with soil.

  • Water and spray with a mixture of fungicide and pesticide.

  • Weed the field at an interval of 2 weeks.

  • A spraying interval of 2 weeks must also be adopted up to 3 weeks before harvesting.

  • At 12 weeks after planting you can go ahead and harvest your first fruits.

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