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Combretum molle Tree

Combretum molle leaves in Uganda, Africa

Combretum molle leaves in Uganda, Africa

What you can use the plant for:

You can use this tree as an important traditional medicine. Most African people use boiled root decoction to treat constipation, headaches, stomachs, fever, dysentery and swellings, and as an anthelmintic for hookworm. The leaves are chewed, soaked in water and the juice drunk for chest complaints; it can also be used as an inhalant in a hot steam bath.

It is termite-proof and can be used to make fence posts, implement handles and bowls for grinding peanuts and mealies.

Red fabric dyes are made from the leaves, whereas dyes made from the roots are yellow-brown.

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Plant species Name(s)

Combretum molle (velvet bush willow)

Plant Local name(s)

In Lunyoro (Murama),
In Lusoga (ndawa),
In Lugbara(geleo),and
In Madi(Otubi)

Where to find this Plant in Uganda

You will typically find this Tree plant located in bush land and wooded grass land all over Africa- Common throughout Uganda.

Velvet bush willow is a small to medium-sized evergreen deciduous trees that grows up to 13 m high, with rounded crown. It has grey bark when still young and this becomes grey-brown or almost black when older.

The leaves are simple, opposite, densely covered by velvety hairs when immature and smoother when mature. Young leaves are attractive with light pink or orange colour. Its flowering time is Sept.–Nov. The flowers are in dense axillary spikes with greenish yellow colour, strongly scented and attractive to bees and other insects. The fruit is four-winged, about 20 mm in diameter, light green with reddish shade which turns red-brown when dry.

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Comments for Combretum molle Tree

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Combretum collinum, a similar species
by: Anonymous

Also used mainly for Medicinal purposes (leaves and roots-curing small pox)

In a the local Lunyoro language the plant is called Omukora.

Combretum collinum is widely spread in East Africa.

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