How to grow CARROTS in Uganda

Carrots in Uganda Africa freshly Uprooted

Carrots in Uganda Africa freshly Uprooted

Carrots are biennial vegetables, as they use leaves in their first year to gather energy from sun to build a big, starchy root.

They come in shapes and colors other than the long orange look. They also have other shades like red, yellow and purple.

If you're thinking vitamin A grab a carrot; Vitamin A is very good for your Eyes.

Common Carrot varieties in Uganda

These include:

Nantes carrots –grow fast and are easy to grow, can adopt to a range of climates and soils.
Chantenay carrots-develop stocky roots that become sweeter as the soil cools.
Miniature carrots – have small, shallow roots that are often quite sweet. They are good for heavy clay soil.
Imperator carrots –are long and need deep, sandy soil to thrive.
Danvers carrots-have sturdy roots and store well.

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How to propagate Carrots in Africa

We typically propagate Carrots by seed; carrots however don’t sprout fast, so they can take about 1-3 weeks to form viable sprouts.

So sowing them with a nursing crop like the fast growing radishes would shelter the tiny carrot seedlings while helping to suppress weeds.

Soil requirements for Carrots

Just like all root crops, carrots do prefer friable soils to ease their penetration downwards.

The soils should be well drained, and enriched with nutrients for proper root growth.

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How to plant Carrots in Uganda

Sow the seeds thinly on a sunny, dry day in shallow drills around 2-3 cm deep.

If you have trouble sowing thinly, try mixing the seeds with a handful of sharp sand and then saw the seeds together with sand.

Carrot seeds are small, but it’s wise to plant them as thinly as possible, as this reduces the amount of thinning necessary and a potential risk of pest which can build up.

After sowing; cover the seeds with soil and then gently firm the surface.

Keep the soil moist for at least the first consecutive 10 days after sowing, because carrots take longer to germinate than other vegetables.

Once the seeds have germinated and are showing their first true leaves, thin the seedlings to 5cm or 2 inches between plants.

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How to harvest and store Carrots in Africa

Before pulling out your carrots, use a fork to loosen the soil just outside the row.

Then pull sown carrots when roots reach mature size and show rich color.

Taste improves as carrots mature however don’t leave mature carrots in warm soil any longer than necessary.

Store only best, undamaged roots.

Cut off their foliage and lay the roots between layers of sand in a strong box.

Remove any odd rotten roots before they infect their neighbors.

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Quick Tips for rowing carrot Vegetables in Uganda

  • Double dig your planting area or build up a raised seed bed

  • Rake the soil free of lumps and stones

  • One week before sowing, rake in a light dressing of general fertilizers

  • Open up a trench or drills 2-3 cm deep

  • Thinly sprinkle carrot seeds mixed with sand

  • Then cover seeds soil once in place

  • Water the soil as too little water results into coarse woody roots

  • Harvest the carrots when they are due

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