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How to grow CHIVE spices in Uganda

Fresh Chive Cuttings

Fresh Chive Cuttings

Chive is tender perennial herb belonging to the onion family. In 30 days of planting chives gracefully put on succulent sheaths and delicate beautiful purple flowers.

Unlike most onions, for the chives it’s the green which is harvested instead of the bulb. The small grass like herb is a component opted for in Mediterranean and sub Saharan African soups and salads. This is because of the light flavor and aesthetic appeal embedded in the green.

Common Chive varieties in Uganda

There two common types of chives grown, the garlic chives- these smell like violets and when the green is crushed a taste reminiscent of garlic is produced. Garlic chives have bright to dark green shade.

The other type of chives is the onion chives; this is infused with slightly onion flavor and also has a bright to dark green shade.

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Chives Soil requirements

Chives prefer moist, fertile rich and well drained soils with a pH range between 6.0 and 7.0.

How to propagate Chives in Uganda

The easiest way to produce new chives is by division or cuttings.

You can also use seeds can also be used but they take a longer time to give off a firm plant.

How to plant Chives in Africa

By Division; get an established clump of chive and gently dig it up. Then pull away a smaller clump from the parent plant.

Smaller clumps should at least have 5 to 10 bulbs. Dig up holes 5-10 cm deep. Place each chive clump or bulb in to a hole and gently cover with soil.

Make sure that the soil doesn’t go above the base of the stem as this will slow the growth of the pant.

By Seeds; When you're starting up with seeds, just open up trenches or holes of about ¼ inches deep in the soil. Sow the seeds and water to give the seeds moisture.

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How to Harvest Chive Spices in Uganda

Harvest your chives in 30 days after transplanting the bulbs or 60 days after seeding.

Cut the leaves down to the base when harvesting.

Use chives when they are fresh or freeze leaves in an air tight bag. Dried chives lose their flavor.

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Quick Tips for planting Chives

  • Decide on which material to use. This could be cuttings or seeds.

  • Open up holes 5-10 cm when you are to use seed bulbs.

  • Alternatively you can open up trenches of about ¼ inches deep when you to use seeds

  • Place chive bulbs in to the holes and then gently cover with soil

  • Water the sown material as every plant needs moisture to grow.

  • Weed your field often especially when you start with seeds to cut off competitions.

  • Harvest you chive leaves in 60 days from sowing.

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