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Great Tips and Info about Uganda Travel

On this page you will explore some of the essential planning points for your Uganda Travel. The details of each aspect of your business trip we shall discuss within subsequent pages.

Where to Find Uganda

During your Uganda Travels you will find our country enjoying a Unique location at the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa. We operate within the East African Standard Time Zone that is 3 hours ahead of GMT, also written as GMT +3 hours.

Our Neighbors

My country is bordered by Sudan in the North, Kenya in the East, the United republic of Tanzania in the South, Rwanda in the Southwest and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West. Your Trip to Uganda can therefore be planned concurrently with Travels to any of the neighboring countries.

Water and Land Distribution

The country has a landmass of 241,000 Square Kilometers, 18% of which is covered by freshwater bodies. Lying astride the equator, Uganda combines some of the best features of Africa, including the Source of River Nile (the second longest river in the World) and Lake Victoria ( the second largest freshwater lake in the World).

The Vegetation

The country's geographical diversity is great: in the east, it overlaps the tropical Savannah, and in the west, African tropical rain-forest zones.

The Physical and Land Form

While traveling and doing business in Uganda you will be able to appreciate the country's peerless geography. Uganda lies on the elevated basin which rises between the eastern and western branches of the Great Rift Valley. The most mountainous parts of Uganda is the Kigezi region in the southwest. North of Kigezi on the Congolese border are the Rwenzori Mountains. Margherita Peak (5,109M) the highest point on the Rwenzoris is exceeded in altitude on the African continent only by Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Planning Points for your Trip to Uganda

When to Visit Uganda

After you have found Uganda, it is now time to understand how to get there. As a business traveler you will most likely make your Uganda travel when the need arises. Meaning

  • You have an agreement to sign,
  • You have a product to launch,
  • You have a meetings with certain government officials,
  • You have a presentation to make in an international conference,
  • or You want to conduct a pre-feasibility study for your project.
However, if given chance to choose, you should plan to visit Uganda in the dry season, visiting during the wet months of April, May, October and November might deter you from out door tourist activities which would come in handy at the end of your business trip. It is worth noting that due to climatic change, the seasons are quite unpredictable in Uganda nowadays. You might therefore benefit from a call or email to your business partner in Uganda asking about the prevailing weather conditions before you make a final decision on the best time to visit.

Entry Requirements

You will need a Valid passport, one that will not expire within six months on the date you plan to leave Uganda and a visa to be accepted in the country. The good news is that compared with visas of western counties like the USA, acquiring a Ugandan visa is quite straight forward.

Planning for the Uganda Immigration

These days the immigration offices are strict and you will need to present the following items if you're to be allowed into the country. An International Health Certificate which shows that you have received a yellow fever and cholera vaccine.

Click here for tips on other health and travel concerns in Uganda.

An onward ticket or Return ticket: In case you have a one way ticket, you will need at least a credit card or some other means to convince the immigration officials that you have enough money to cater for your stay in Uganda.

Find details about how to acquire the Uganda visa and Entry permits on the following link.

Planning Your Flight

You will also need to book a flight to Uganda. The Major Airlines that operate international flights to Entebbe Airport Include:

  • KLM,

Some of the Airlines Operating Cheap Flights to Uganda Include:

  • Precision Air
  • Air Uganda
  • 540.COM
  • Sky Jet Airline

For more details about flying to Uganda, and finding cheap flights to Uganda , click here.

If you travel by air, you will most probably arrive in Uganda at Entebbe Airport. However,because Uganda is a landlocked country you might arrive by road at one of the overland boarder immigration offices. Another option would be arriving by Water on Lake Victoria.

Planning for Overland Travel

As a business traveler, you would probably have organized with your business partner to pick you up at the airport, or you would have organized with your hotel. However, if during your Uganda Travel you have no prior transport arrangements from Entebbe Airport to Kampala, Uganda's main business center, you can take a private taxi from the Airport directly to Kampala, it costs between US$30-50.

Tip: You need to organize an International driving license if you intend to drive or hire a self drive vehicle in Uganda.

For details about overland transport in Uganda, routes, fees and Uganda Travel cost saving tips, Click here.

Planning Your Accommodation

You will also need to plan your accommodation in advance. Uganda has a good range of accommodation options to suit your business travel needs. The hotel industry has grown especially because of recent preparations of the CHOGM ( Common wealth Head Governments Meeting) which took place in November 2007. On your Uganda Travel you will be able to select from 5 star Hotels in Kampala and Entebbe to 1 dollar per day accommodation in some villages.

For detailed planning for your Uganda Travel accommodation click here

Planning to Acquire Foreign Currency

Upon finalizing with the immigration, you will need to get some local currency. The lower rates can be got in Kampala however, there are 24-hour foreign exchange services at the airport.

Find details about the Uganda currency and Advanced Business Travel Currency Converters.

Uganda Weather and Your Outfit

The Uganda weather is mainly tropical and therefore much of the time it is hot and wet. You therefore do not need heavy winter outfit to survive in Uganda.

The heavy clothes you might only require if you have to travel through a cold country side on your Uganda Travel.

As a business traveler you will need office clothes and an Umbrella to protect you from rain and the scorching sun.

You will also need a couple of casual clothes to wear in the evenings.

Prevailing Uganda Weather Conditions

For more details about the Uganda climate, and daily weather forecasts click here.... To make a detailed plan on what to wear in Uganda, Click here...

Useful International Travel Information

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