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How to grow STRAWBERRIES in Uganda

Strawberries in Uganda

Strawberries in Uganda

Strawberry is a dainty, red, heart-shaped fruit which has been grown way back in the memorials.

Because of its appearance the fruits of the strawberry plant are usually associated with romance, passion, and innocence and healing.

The plant makes a good pouch hanging and gives the space an exciting and refreshing appearance.

Common Strawberry varieties in Uganda

The best varieties for fresh consumption include; strawberries are divided into 3 varieties which include June-bearing varieties, Day-neutral varieties, and ever bearing varieties.

However if you are targeting fresh consumption the varieties below are the best.

Selekta – this is the most popular variety producing long and wedge - shaped glossy red fruits.

Chandler-this produces firm strawberries with a distinctive strawberry aroma.

Soil requirements for growing Strawbrerry

Strawberries require well-drained, sandy-loam to loamy soils with a PH levels between 5.0 and 5.5.

However, strawberries can be grown in more clayey soils if a sufficient quantity of compost is added to the soil during soil preparation.

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How to propagate strawberry on your farm

strawberries are best started using runners from nursery operators or by using viable seeds.

How to plant strawberries in Uganda

Let’s focus on bringing up strawberries in pots.

Mix garden soils with a commendable amount of compost.

Fill the mixture in 50mm potting polythen bags or better into your supposed containers.

To plant, drill shallow holes in the middle of the container and place in the strawberry seeds.

Immediately after planting, water and apply a starter fertilizer solution to aid establishment.

After 3weeks new sprouts will be seen thin to leave a plant per container or polybag to reduce on chances of competition.

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How best to Harvest strawberries in Africa

Harvest strawberries when the fruit are uniformly red.

Pick the berries with the cap and stem attached to retain firmness and quality.

Strawberries can be stored in the refrigerator at 32-42 F for 2 to 5 days

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About the market for strawberries

A part from fresh consumption, strawberries can be frozen or processed into either canned strawberries, jams, jellies, syrup or even juices.
These can then be sold in supermarkets and pastries shops.

Quick stepts for potting strawberries

  • Mix weeds’ free garden soil with compost.

  • Fill the mixture into supposed planting containers or polybag.

  • Drill a shallow hole in the middle and place in strawberry seeds or seedlings got from the nursery.

  • Cover with soil and gently firm to remove air pockets.

  • Water and also apply a liquid starter fertilizer to aid establishment.

  • Have a routine pest and disease control schedule for spider mites.

  • Wait excitingly for your fruits in about 15 weeks.

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