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How to grow PUMPKIN in Uganda

Pumpkins in Uganda

Pumpkins in Uganda

Pumpkins are a warm season vegetables belonging to the genus “Cucurbita”.

The gourd fruit grows on vines and is mainly grown for its culinary elements.

Pumpkin is locally known as “Ensujju” in luganda.

Common varieties of Pumpkins grown in Uganda

There are over 7 varieties of pumpkin grown in Uganda, they include sweet cream,Bala,Dulu,Onziga,Sunfish,Sugar pie, and Anderina.

Soil requirements for growing Pumpkins

Pumpkins do well in loamy soils with a good drainage and a high humus percentage.

The soils should not be water logged as the plant can easily rot off.

How to Propagate Pumpkins on your Farm

Grow your pumpkins from seeds.

They should take about 5 days from sowing to emerge.

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How to plant Pumpkins in Uganda

It’s best to plant your pumpkins on moulds, though even a flat surface can work.

Plant seeds 1 inch deep at a rate of 4 to 5 seeds per hill and 5 to 6 ft between hills.

When seedlings are well established thine each hill to leave at most 2 plants per hill.

Go ahead to space 4ft between hills and 8 ft between rows.

Prune vines early in the season to discourage random growth and out of control patch.

Keep pumpkin plants free of weeds by hoeing and shallow cultivation. Irrigate your plantings if there happens to be extended dry periods.

Watch out for powdery mildew which causes a dusty white mould on the plant, cucumber beetles as these mainly attack seedlings and the vines at their tender age.

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How Best to Harvest Pumpkins in Africa

It takes about 100 to 120 days for a given pumpkin variety to reach maturity.

Pumpkins are hand harvested at their mature stage.

Multiple harvests are so common because individual fruits are pollinated at different time’s .

Harvest your pumpkin fruits whenever you see their deep solid color i.e. most color vary between orange and green, and when the rind is also hard.

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About the Pumpkin Market in Uganda

Demand for pumpkin is constant, and a farmer can market their grown pumpkins in national markets lie Nakasero, Owino, road side stalls, and even at the supermarket vegetable shelves, hotels and restaurants.

Quick Tips for growing Pumpkins in Uganda

  • Open up the land you are going to use for planting.

  • Clear up the land and heap up soils to make ridges

  • At a spacing of 4ft between hills and 8 ft set up hills in arrow.

  • On the crest on the ridge open up a hole 1 inch deep, then sow seeds at a rate of 4 to 5 seeds.

  • Cover the seeds gently with soil and lightly water.

  • After about 10 days the seeds will have established so go ahead to prune.

  • Weed your pumpkins to prevent competition for growth nutrients

  • Often you should spray the pumpkins with pesticides and fungicides to keep off pests and diseases.

  • After 120 days you can harvest your pumpkins for table.

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What are the best demanded varieties grown here in Uganda.
what are the pumpkin varieties grown for export especially to the European market

Thanks for the lecture .what is the importance of hippingmouds and what size shld it be
by: Tumwebaze peter

what shld be the size of moulds
what is the importance of planting on heapsor moulds

Pumpkin market
by: Anonymous

I have about 2 tonnes of pumpkin, where can I sell?

by: Anonymous

Could you kindly pleayhrlp MD identify a big market for my pumpkins?

Thank you

Agricultural officer
by: Patrick

I have liked the lesson,however I wanted more on the diseases
Otherwise thanks

by: Nalugooti Jacent

Thanks.Which type grows best on hilly area? Can you please help me identify could companies that buy them?

project manager
by: Ddamba Johnbosco Mubiru

how can add value to pumpkins like making powder, juice , vegtables, oil etc

by: SD

I have just started growing pumpkins. For sometime now I have been observing more flowers dropping off without forming pumpkins. In fact if all flowers became pumpkins I would expect 5times what I have. I have sprayed twice with dude and super green.
-what is wrong?
-Is it true that if I allow more picking of leaves for vegetables yield will improve?
-what to spray with what?

A type of good pumpkin 🎃
by: Bekalaze Sedric

Thank you for teaching us about agricultural products I want to know more if you can kindly call me or whatsapp me
I really want to start planting this pumpkins 🎃

price and the buyers of Pumkins
by: Omoya Mathew Atto

Iam growing pumkins from kitgum district but i do not know the company buying my product and the market price thank

Omoya Mathew Atto

by: Esther

I have liked and learned a lot.
I dnt think whether I need to pay someone to teach me how to plant pumpkins, care and harvesting.
Thank you so much

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