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My understanding is that when you decide to Travel to Uganda for Business or work, you actually mean real business!

Uganda BusinessTravel Services

You want as much as possible to successfully execute the assignment that has taken you miles away from home without worrying about your bags getting stolen, being denied entry into the country, booking the wrong hotel, eating unhealthy foods and worst of all meeting the wrong people.

Any mistake in your business travel planning to Africa could prove costly not only in terms of time and money but that mistake could also put your entire life in jeopardy.

Knowing therefore, that this anxiety can grossly affect your productivity in the new environment and that your success is partly hinged on how fast you acclimatize to the new working atmosphere, has put together a network of professionals cable of delivering to you comprehensive BusinessTravel Consulting services in Uganda.

Contact us and request for assistance, choosing from our:

Our BusinessTravel services will help you enjoy a well planned business trip to Uganda and also start a new business venture in Africa.

Quick BusinessTravel Solutions on the Go...

While we're keen to give much of the important information you will need to travel, start a business or do some work in Uganda, free to our web visitors, we have noticed that we're still being bombarded daily with unique business and Travel questions some of which require significant hours of research time and money before we can give the visitor an appropriate answer.

This has resulted in some questions taking longer than usable before you get an answer. By the time we provide the answer, its usefulness to you has probably ceased and only subsequent visitors with a similar problem end up benefiting from your question.

For these particularly unique scenarios therefore, where you require an urgent answer, we charge a service fee depending on the level of Urgency and the scope of the research work needed.

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Africa Uganda Travel Services...

The Travel consulting services we offer revolve around making your travel experience to Uganda flawless:

  • From Choosing the clothes you should wear,
  • Acquiring your Uganda visa,
  • choosing a the perfect airline route and booking your flight to Africa,
  • Purchasing the right trip insurance
  • Booking a suitable Uganda Hotel
  • Getting an airport shuttle to your hotel upto
  • Selecting the means of Transport you will use to travel around Uganda.

We also give you advice on how you can retain your ICT connectivity during your stay in Uganda.

Your carefully planned itinerary, superior accommodation, lodging, food and entertainment opportunities will be communicated before your trip. We shall also line up for you most of the useful contacts should any medical, diplomatic or financial emergencies arise.

Our website is loaded with helpful information to help you familiarize with the locale you will be visiting in Uganda, you can freely review our constantly updated information weeks before you begin your African Journey.

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Group Travel Services...

Whereas we do accept individual Uganda hotel bookings, as a group travel event planner specializing in group hotel rates,group hotel reservations, group lodging, group travel deals, group hotel discounts and meetings, we can help you save over 50% on your hotel bills with our dedicate Africa Uganda Group Travel Consulting Team.

Our group travel planning service will get you the best group hotel discount for your company meeting, conference, convention, family reunion, wedding, work crew, bus tour, military reunion, sports team, church group and any other group travel.

If you have a group, describe your Uganda hotel needs and we’ll send your request to the hotels that match your needs.

Hotels will respond to your request bidding for your business.

We then send you the responses so you can choose the best deal and lock in the group rate.

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Africa Uganda Business Advisory Services...

Regarding Africa Uganda Business planning services, we offer useful sector specific information about starting a business in Uganda.

We also provide high-level expertise in local business development, market identification and development, channel development, distribution strategies and Uganda Tax advisory services.

We guide you through:

  • Identifying a viable business opportunity
  • Strategic Business Planning and feasibility studies
  • Market Intelligence and Research
  • Registering your company/Business in Uganda
  • Acquiring House, Commercial Building,Office Space or project site for your business
  • Selecting a suitable Uganda Bank
  • Uganda Tax Planning and Filling
  • Selecting an appropriate stock Broker and Listing on the Uganda Stock Exchange
  • Getting the relevant Permits and Licences for your business
  • Local Financial Engineering.
  • Undertaking Environmental and Social Impact Studies

Avoid loosing huge chunks of money to unscrupulous individuals by utilizing our business services to navigate the rough but lucrative investment waters of Uganda.

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