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How to grow SIMSIM/SESAME in Uganda

Sesame or simsim is mainly grown in warm areas with little rainfall like Northen Uganda.

Simsim is an erect annual herbaceous plant whose height varies between 1-2m and takes 2.5-5.0 months to grow depending on the variety, and flowers continuously until harvest.

Sesame Varieties in Uganda

The most common varieties in east Africa are SERRA and Sesim-1.

Simsim soil requirements

Fertile soils are important for the growth of sesame, and you can boost soil fertility by applying 125Kg/ha of SSP fertilize to the seedbed.

Sesame Climatic requirements

Simsim requires moderate rains, high soil temperatures for germination.

This explains why there is more sesame in areas that are characterized by high temperatures like in Normthern Uganda.

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How to plant Simsim in Uganda

Simsim requires affine seed bed on well drained soils.

Planting should also be done in periods when the rains have just started.

Planting should also be by broadcasting at a seed rate of 6-8Kg/ha.

If planted in rows a spacing of 30x10cm should be taken up. Seeds must be put at a depth of 3cm cause of their small size.

Ensure to thin the plants when they attain a height of about 10cm high leaving one plant per hole at 10cm distance between plants.

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How best to weed Sesame

Simsim is very sensitive to weed competition in early growing stages.

First weeding should be done 2 weeks after germination and the second after thinning depending on the type of weeds in the area.

How to harvest Simsim in Uganda

For the shattering types, harvesting should be done before capsules start shattering.

Harvest plant with a knife when leaves turn yellowish or have been shade.

Tie up cut stems into bundles and place them on racks to dry.

Once the cut stems are dry, beat them up to release the seeds.

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Quick Tips for growing simsim in Africa

  • Winnow the sesame grains meant for planting if you are to use home kept grains.

  • The alternative would be washing the seeds in water and sieving off the floating seeds. After, ensure to dry them.

  • Simsim production is preferable on fine seed beds.

  • Open up a shallow trench on a well prepared land. The trenches can be dusted with germinating inoculants or fertilizers.

  • Then spread the seeds thinly along the trench.

  • Cover the seeds with soils to protect them from the external surface.

  • Harvest as recommended above.

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