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How to grow OREGANO Spices in Uganda

Oregano Plant Leaves in Uganda

Oregano Plant Leaves in Uganda

Oregano is a perennial herb with rose purple or white flowers and a taste reminiscent of thyme.

Its zesty and strong taste has been an element used to make pizza and pasta dishes.

Common Oregano varieties in Africa

There several varieties available for growth like Hopleys, Kent Beauty, variegated oregano, Dittany of crete and Golden oregano.

There also types named after countries of origin like; Greek, Turkish and Italian types.

Soil requirements for Oregano Plants

Oregano prefers well drained soils with average to low fertility.

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How to Propagate Oregano Spices in Uganda

propagate oregano using either certified seeds or clean cuttings from healthy grown oregano plants in the field. Given optimal conditions the seeds should be able to emerge in to seedlings in 2-3 weeks.

How to Plant Oregano Spices in Africa

Oregano will thrive best in full sun in well drained soils of average to low fertility.

Prepare a planting site by digging it over thoroughly.

Incorporate organic matter like leaf mould, well rotted animal manure a homemade compost.

This will help break up any heavy soils and improve drainage. Set 2 cm holes and sow in seeds, taking up a spacing of approximately 15 cm apart.

After about 2-3 weeks, at this time the seedlings shall have emerged, go ahead and thin the seedlings to 30 cm apart so that you give the plants room to grow to their full size.

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How to Harvest Oregano Spices in Uganda

The leaves of oregano should be harvested just before the flowers appear, as when harvested after flowering the leaves will taste bitter.

Alternatively you can remove the flower heads before they can open up, this way you keep the leaves tasting great. Oregano is mostly used as a dried herb.

So pick the leaves on a dry day and store them in a dark, dry warm place until they are crumbly in texture.

Then store the dried leaves in an air tight container where they will retain their flavor for up to 6 months.

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Quick Tips for planting oregano Spices

  • Dig up site meant for planting to create 2 cm drills.

  • Sow seeds directly in to the holes at the rate of 4-5 seeds each.

  • Maintain a spacing of approximately 15 cm apart

  • Cover the sown seeds with soil and gently firm.

  • Water the seeds to provide moisture needed during germination.

  • In the 3rd week, take time to thin your oregano and leave your seedlings at a spacing of 30 cm apart.

  • Also weed to prevent competition between the plant and the weeds.

  • Harvest the oregano leaves when they attain an appropriate size, starting with older leaves.

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