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Santalum album

Photo/appearance <br>santalum album in Uganda

santalum album in Uganda

What you can use the plant for:

You can use plant for Oral Medicinal purposes, and for Topical/skin Medical purposes like Antiseptic and Aroma therapy. Culturally the oil from the plant is used for making perfumes and Santalum album is an essential raw material for the cosmetic industry in India.

For these reasons it has been extensively exploited, to the point where the wild population is vulnerable to extinction. It still commands high prices for its essential oil, but due to lack of sizable trees it is no longer used for fine woodworking as before. The plant is widely cultivated and long lived, although harvest is viable after 40 years.

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Plant species Name(s)

santalum album


Plant Local name(s)

Where to find this Plant in Uganda

You will commonly find this plant located in Tororo and in the Ranges of Mount Rwenzori.

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