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The Uganda Wildlife Guide

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Whereas Uganda is an excellent Birding destination in Africa, it is also an interesting Safari destination for Large game viewing.

Uganda Wildlife Guide

Uganda has over 340 mammal species in all sizes; from large mammals like Gorillas, Lions, and Elephants to small ones, like Bats ,Rats, shrews and moles.

You will also find a variety of reptiles including Crocodiles, Snakes and lizards.

Uganda also has a wide spectrum of insects with over 140 butterfly species.

In this guide you will find

We have created this Uganda Wildlife guide to help you plan your game viewing safari to Africa.

This Wildlife guide will particularly help you decide which Uganda National Park you should explore.

Common Mammals in Uganda

You will find Uganda mamals in three broad categories:








  • Crocodiles
  • Lizards
  • Snakes
  • Tortoises And Terrapins


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Do you have a question about the Uganda wildlife? Ask the Wildlife Travel Guide and other Uganda Visitors!

Ask any question about Uganda wildlife and expect an answer from the Wildlife Guide or an experienced Uganda Tourist.

From best places you can find a particular animal, bird or insect in Uganda, how to identify an animal or bird, breeding cycles , commercial significance of an animal to the local communities any other question for which you feel you need an urgent answer before you finalize your vacation plans to Africa.

Answers to what other visitors asked, Wildlife News and Guide Updates

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Inhabiting five of the continents of the world, Otters are truly amazing mammals. Otters are unique in many ways. For instance, Otters are the only marine …

Cheetahs in Uganda  
Scientific name: ACINONYX JUBATUS The cheetah is the world's fastest land animal and the most unique and specialized member of the cat family. It …

Unidentified beetles Not rated yet
I saw these at the Kingfisher Resort at Jinja. Can you please give me the name of these little chaps?

Chimpanzees  Not rated yet
You’ll hear them before you see them; from somewhere deep in the forest, an excited hooting, just one voice at first, then several, rising in volume and …

Vervet Monkey Not rated yet
Scientific name: Chlorocebus aethiops Vervet monkeys use different sounds to warn of different types of predator. For instance, vervets have distinct …

The Lion  Not rated yet
Scientific name: Panthera leo Until the late Pleistocene, which was about 10,000 years ago, the lion was the most widespread large land mammal after …

Grey-cheeked Mangabey Not rated yet
Scientific name; Lophocebus albigena The Grey-cheeked Mangabey is an Old World monkey with few distinguishing features and baboon-like mannerisms …

The Caracal  Not rated yet
Scientific name: Caracal caracal The word caracal comes from the Turkish word "karakulak", meaning "black ear". Although it has traditionally had the …

African Serval Not rated yet
Scientific name: Felinae serval The African Serval Cat is a medium sized species of cat that is found throughout a large part of Africa, particularly …

Side-striped jackal  Not rated yet
Scientific name: Canis adustus The name originates from the light marks running alongside the sides of their bodies. Coming from afar, the stripes …

Red-tailed Monkey Not rated yet
Scientific name; Cercopithecus ascanius Nakabugo (a Red tailed Monkey in Uganda) was rescued in Kampala and taken to the Uganda Wildlife Education …

Red Colobus Monkeys  Not rated yet
Scientific name: Pilocolobus badius The name “colobus” is derived from the Greek word for “mutilated,” because unlike other monkeys, colobus monkeys …

The Ratel a.k.a Honey Badger Not rated yet
Scientific name: Mellivora capensis The name ‘Honey Badger’ is derived from its supposed habit of following the Honeyguide bird to a bee’s nest …

Patas Monkey Not rated yet
Scientific Name: Erythrocebus patas Patas Monkey the only species classified in the genus erythrocebus. The Patas monkey is the fastest running primate …

African Civete Not rated yet
Scientific Name: Civettictis civetta The African Civetes can hunt small animals and even eat plants and animals normally poisonous to other animals. …

The Potto Not rated yet
Scientific name: Periodictis Potto This small primate is Classified as endangered under the American society of wild life. Potto comes from the African …

The Mongoose in Africa  Not rated yet
Famously, some species of mongoose will boldly attack venomous snakes such as cobras. The most celebrated of these is Rudyard Kipling’s fictional Rikki-tikki-tavi, …

L’Hoest's Monkey Not rated yet
Scientific name: Cerecpithecus ihoesti How to identify a L'Hoest's Monkey C. l'hoesti has a short, dark brown coat, with a chestnut colour across …

The Leopard in Uganda  Not rated yet
Scientific name; Panthera pardus Many of their populations are endangered, especially outside of Africa. Where to find the Leopard They have …

The Golden Jackal Not rated yet
scientific name; canis aureus The Golden Jackal (Canis aureus), also called the Asiatic, Oriental or Common Jackal, is an extant species of jackal …

Genets in Africa Not rated yet
Scientific name: Genetta spp On a crisp winter's night, the open Land Rover came around the bend beneath a large spreading Umbrella Thorn. The tracker's …

De Brazza's Monkey in Africa Not rated yet
Scientific name: Cercopithecus neglectus De Brazza's Monkey is an old world monkey that gets its name from French explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza. …

Bush Babies in Uganda  Not rated yet
Scientific name: lesser galago The lesser galago, also called bush baby, is one of the smallest primates, about the size of a squirrel. Despite its …

Blue Monkey in Africa Not rated yet
Scientific name: Cercopithecus mitis The Blue Monkey or Diademed Monkey is a species of Old World Monkey native to Central and East Africa, ranging …

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Black and white Colobus Monkey Not rated yet
Scientific name: colobus guereza The colobus is the most arboreal of all African monkeys and rarely descends to the ground. It uses branches as trampolines, …

Black-backed Jackal Not rated yet
Scientific name: Canis mesomelas The Black-backed Jackal (Canis mesomelas), also known as the Silver-backed Jackal is a species of jackal which inhabits …

Bat-Eared Fox in Africa Not rated yet
Scientific name: Otocyon megalotis The ears of bat-eared foxes can grow up to 5.3 inches long. For an animal that stands 11.8-15.7 inches at the shoulder …

Baboons in Uganda  Not rated yet
Scientific Names: Olive baboon ;Papiocynocephalus anubis Yellow baboon ;Papio ynocephalus cynocephalus The baboon, of all the primates in East …

African wild cat Not rated yet
Scientific name: Felis Silvestris Lybica African Wild Cats are small, fierce cats that live in forests, grasslands, and brush lands in Africa and …

African hunting dog in Uganda Not rated yet
Scientific name; Lycaon pictus The colourfully spotted African Hunting Dog often attack a complete region, destroying far more game than they can …

African golden cat in Uganda Not rated yet
Scientific name; Profelis aurata aka felis aurata The African golden cat is about twice the size of a large domestic cat and robustly built, weighing …

Bates pygmy antelope  Not rated yet
It is also known as the dwarf antelope. In some places it is called the bates dwarf antelope. It is similar to deer. It is also in the same genius as …

Bush buck in Uganda Not rated yet
Bush bucks are smallest members of the spiral horned antelope. In some areas like South Africa they hunted as a sports activity. Though small in size, …

Defassa waterbuck in Uganda Not rated yet
This water-buck's native Africa name is kobus. The waterbuck is not actually aquatic though the are frequently found in the vicinity of rivers and lakes …

Forest driker - a small antelope in Uganda Not rated yet
Forest drikers are small antelopes. They are good examples of how an animal can be very successful in finding and filling a certain ecological niche they …

Greater kindu - Second Largest African Antelope Not rated yet
Greater kindu are the second largest African antelope. They are excellent jumpers jumping over 7 feet high. The longest recorded horns on a kindu were …

Grey driker antelope in Uganda  Not rated yet
It is also know as the common driker. The grey driker is a member of the pygmy antelope and can survive in close proximity to man. When hunting the …

Hartebeest antelope in Uganda  Not rated yet
Hartebeest means “tough ox” its easy to hunt because its spread hartebeest kongoni is the Swahili name. It is one of the fastest antelopes. Other hartebeest …

Impala antelop in Uganda  Not rated yet
The impala’s scientific name has several meanings which can be broken down into aepyceros (Greek) high keras (Greek) horns. This is because of the large …

Klispunger - Small Antelope in Uganda Not rated yet
A klispunger is a small antelope. It has a short body and seems very fast. Taxonomy Common name: Klispunger Scientific name: oreotragus orestagus …

Lesser kindu - Shy Reddish Brown Antelope  Not rated yet
A lesser kindu is a shy reddish brown antelope with destructive white stripes and large ears. Its scientific name has meaning that is tragelaphus (greek) …

Oribi - Long Necked Small Antelope  Not rated yet
Oribi is a graceful slender tagged, long necked small antelope found in grassland almost throughout the sub Saharan Africa. Oribi falls, prey to numerous …

Reedbuck  Not rated yet
Reedbuck is easily confused with the impala though it lacks the three black stripes found on the hind quarters of the impala. The impala is much redder …

Roan Antelope in Uganda  Not rated yet
Roan Antelope are very courageous animals. If threatened by predators, including lions, they will confront them and many of these big cats have perished, …

Sitatunga - the Marsh Buck Not rated yet
It is also known as a marsh buck. It is a swamp-dwelling antelope. Sitatunga is a good swimmer hence its occupancy in swampy areas. Taxonomy Common …

Uganda Kob  Not rated yet
Kobs are gregarious antelopes. They live together with a Bushbuck and Bohor seed buck in a large grassed enclosed near the centers front gates at Uganda …

Rhinos in Uganda  Not rated yet
The rhino’s name derives from the Dutch ‘weit’ meaning wide a reference to its wide square muzzle adapted for grazing. The black rhino decline drastically …

Hyraxes in Uganda  Not rated yet
The hyrax is shy and so unlike other animals that are placed in a separate order ‘Hydracoidea’ by itself. It is said to be the elephants nearest living …

Giraffe in Uganda Not rated yet
Giraffe which was unknown of Africa, excited mans curiosity that it was sometimes sent as a diplomatic gift to other countries one of the earliest records …

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Hippopotamus in Uganda  Not rated yet
The name Hippopotamus comes from the Greek words ‘hippos’ meaning horse and ‘potamus’ meaning river. Though the hippo spends most of its day in the water, …

Common Eland Not rated yet
Elands have been semi domesticated in some areas. Elands size and docility as well as its rich milk, tasty meal and useful skin have encouraged research …

Grant’s Gazelle  Not rated yet
Grant’s gazelles are known as large animals. They usually have large salivary glands, possibly an adaptation for secreting fluid to cope with in relatively …

African Buffalo  Not rated yet
The African buffalo is or member of the ‘Big five’ group of animals with the elephant, rhino, lion and leopard. It is among the hunted animals it is a …

African elephant  Not rated yet
The elephant is distinguished by its high level of intelligence interesting behavior, methods of communication and social structure elephants are very …

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