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How to grow FERNS in Uganda

Ferns in Uganda

Ferns in Uganda

Ferns have been a common house plant for years.

The great places to start looking for ferns are the swamps; wooded areas and shrub corners.

The plant is naturally tolerate to places with lower light intensities and moderate temperatures.

Common fern species growning in Africa

Bracken ferns, Boston ferns, maidenhair ferns, and fishtail ferns.

The fern plant gives off handsome - pinnately divided leaves arising from short-erect stem of the plant.

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Soil requirements for growing ferns

A typical fern potting mixture should contain humus, sand and garden soil.

It’s important that the potting soil mixture holds adequate but not excessive moisture to enable he plant to develop healthy.

How to propagate ferns in your Lawn

Ferns are self propagating plants. The plant can be started using spores, budding and division of the rhizomes which is the commonest method.

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How to plant Ferns in Uganda

Potting or landscaping ferns requires a careful site selection in terms of drainage and light exposure as the elements are critical to production of a high quality fern plant.

Cut lateral stems (stolons) and place them into a potting container.

These thin rapid growing stem will root and form new plants at regular interval.

Alternatively you would go into a lengthy process of using spores to bring up a new fern plant.

To propagate from spores; get a container fill it with a potting soil mixture and sprinkle on fern spores from the leaves.

Place the container near a window or a place it can get adequate light with minimal heating.

The next step would be to wait for 6-8 weeks before you see any sprouts.

Vigilance should be taken by keeping the soils moisten through the time.

Thin the sprouts to reduce crowding, after some more waiting small ferns will come up.

Transfer your young little ferns to a shady spot for further growth.

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Quick tips for planting and grooming ferns

  • Get a container and fill it with a potting mixture.

  • Place in a stem cutting or fern rhizome for faster regrowth.

  • Water the soils by sprinkling water often.

  • Place the container were the plant can get adequate light with little heating.

  • After establishment ferns require periodic grooming to keep them healthy with vigor

  • Remove dead fronds (leaves) to keep the fern vigorous.

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