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How to grow CUCUMBER in Uganda

Commercial Cucumber Growing in Africa

Commercial Cucumber Growing in Africa

Cucumbers are a warm season vegetable which originated in India before spreading to other regions of the world.

Most cucumber varieties will grow in any amount of space, thanks to the plants ability to climb.

The plant has sprawling vines with large green leaves.

With appropriate care growth of this plant is fast and crop yields in abundance.

The crunchy watery taste of the cucumbers does make a perfect body hydrating companion.

Common Cucumber varieties in Africa

Common varieties include; salad bush hybrid, Bush champion, Pickle bush space Master, Midgets Bush pickle etc.

Soil requirements for Cucumber to grow

Cucumbers do well in well drained, fertile soils. Soils should be high in organic matter with nearly a neutral pH.

Consistent plentiful moisture is also needed until the fruit ripens.

How to propagate Cucumber in Uganda

You can propagate cucumber by seed and appropriate germination temperature is (60-90)° F since it’s a warm season vegetable.

Seeds will take 3-10 days to germinate into seedlings.

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How to plant Cucumber in Africa

Planting cucumber can be done on hills or in rows.

Hills are a traditional method of growing cucumbers; it requires you creating mounds of soil approximately 2 ft in diameter, and 6-8 inches high.

Hills should be built 6 ft away from each other so that the vines have room to spread.

Drill 5 holes in to the hill giving them a 3 inches spacing a part.

The holes should be 1 inch or 1-2 cm deep.

Place a seed in each hole, cover with soil and then water.

Alternatively for the rows, create raised rows of soil approximately 4-6 inches high.

The raised rows will provide additional warmth for the plants.

If growing multiple rows, ensure rows are spaced 6 ft apart from each other so vines have room to grow upwards.

Once the rows are in place plant the cucumber seeds 1 inch or1-2 cm deep and 6 inches apart.

Gently cover with soil and water the soil to keep the ground moist.

Watch out for cucumber beetles and powdery mildew, as diligence and quick action are required to keep both pests under control.

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How to harvest Cucumber in Uganda

Harvesting should be done when cucumber get a suitable size.

This is normally around 50-60 days after planting. The skin of the fruit should be dark green in color.

Don’t wait until the cucumbers have turned yellow as this will indicate that the fruit has over ripen and its quality and taste is now low.

To harvest twist the cucumber off the plant or cut the stalk just above the cucumber tip.

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Quick Tips for growing cucumbers in Africa

  • Open up land meant for planting to clear it of shrubs.

  • Decide on the method to use for planting, it could be on hills or in rows.

  • Drill up holes on a hill on in rows about 1-2 cm deep

  • Sow 3 to 6 seeds per hole and maintain a spacing of 6 ft between the plants.

  • Cover the sown seeds with soil and gently firm.

  • Water the plant constantly as fruits grown in dry sites tend to develop a bitter taste.

  • Harvest cucumber after 50-60 days from sowing.

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