How to grow GARDEN EGG in Uganda

This is another solanum vegetable locally known as ‘Entula’. The vegetable is mainly grown for its flavor some berries, the berries are usually incorporated into soups to act as a source thickener.

The crop has been a close companion in most Ugandan kitchen dishes as its use is traced like 50 years back.

Common Garden Egg varieties in Uganda

Garden egg varieties are classified basing on taste of the berries i.e. the biter, intermediate and sweet varieties, however most consumers prefer the bitter type which is green in color.

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Soil requirements for planting Garden Egg in Africa

Garden eggs are best raised in well drained sandy loam, loam or even clay loam soils with a pH range between 6.0 to 6.5.

A good supply of organic matter is very desirable.

How to propagate garden Egg on your Farm

Propagation is through seeds which are extracted from grown fruits which are crashed and then seeds are separated from the pulp, dried and then packed for storage until use.

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How to plant Garden Egg in Uganda

Garden eggs are started off using nursery beds. Open up 1 cm deep holes and sow seeds in rows 15-20 cm a part and 1 cm between seeds within the row.

After sowing, cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil followed by watering however it should be regularly to avoid drying.

Thin seedlings to 1-2cm spacing

Harden off in preparation for transplanting by reducing the frequency of watering.

Transplant to well prepared fields after 4-6 weeks or when the seedlings do have 4-7 leaves.

Weed whenever necessary and water during the driest periods.

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How best to Harvest Garden Egg plants in Africa

Harvest every week starting 2 months after transplanting, this period runs to 6-7 months.

Pick the fruits before the skin changes color say from green, or white to pale yellow.

To harvest you are only required to hand pick the fruits from the trees.

Harvest should be done regularly even when there is no ready market.

Old plants that are starting to dry off can be cut back at the base as this will promote thriving of young shoots, these will be able to produce fruits in 2-3 months.

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About the Market Garden Egg in Uganda

The first market for garden eggs is your homes please harvest and enjoy.

Produce market is permanent on farmer markets like Nakaseero, even on village stalls.

Quick Tips for planting garden eggs in Africa Uganda

  • Open up land meant for planting to clear it of barriers.
  • Drill up holes a  in rows about 1-2 cm deep
  • Sow 4 to 6 seeds per hole and maintain a spacing of 1cm between the plants.
  • Cover the sown seeds with soil and gently firm.
  • Water the plant constantly to ease germination.
  • Have spraying and weeding routines.
  • Harvest garden eggs after 2 months from transplanting.

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