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How to grow TOMATOES in Uganda

Tomatoes in Uganda

Tomatoes in Uganda

Tomato is a vegetable of the solanaceae family locally know as “Enyanya” in luganda.

The vegetable is one of the most popular vegetable grown by man.

The crop is mainly grown in the Victoria basin in Uganda due to its particularness to soils and the environmental conditions.

Common Tomato varieties grown in Uganda

The choice of a Tomato cultivar is based on fruit quality, adaptability and reliability, susceptibility to diseases and pests.

Varieties include - Money maker, Bonny Best, Marglobe ,Rio Grande ,Tengeru 97, Amateur Rodade, Heinz, New fortune maker F1.

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Tomato growing Soil requirements

Tomatoes give good results when grown in well managed sandy loams and heavy clay loam free of hard pan.

Best results are obtained in deep, well drained loams. The soil should be rich in organic matter and plant nutrients, with a pH value of 6 to 7.

How to propagate Tomatoes in your garden

Tomatoes are best brought up using seeds.

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How to Plant Tomatoes in Uganda

Make a square portion of a raised site meant for a bed, and then make a fine tilth. Incorporate in manure or potting agents like biocha to enhance the nutrients.

Broadcast the seeds on the bed and lightly cover with soil.

Seedlings are usually ready for transplanting 3-4 weeks after sowing, and they must be transplanted on moist soil.

Seed beds should be irrigated after sowing and it should be done regularly until seedlings reach a height of 5 to 7 cm.

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Fertilization; Tomatoes are heavy feeders of plant nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The plant responds well to organic fertilizers too.

Weed control; these can be controlled chemically or mechanically. The Chemical commonly used to control weeds is “weed master”, alternatively hand hoes can be used to shallowly plough off the weeds.

Pruning; this practice influences the flowering and fruiting of tomato plants. Prune plants by pinching off lateral branches as they appear in the leaf axils.

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Mulching; Mulch newly planted tomato plants with row cover or dry grass to promote faster growth and also maintain soil moisture.

Latticework; this is the same as trellising or bulding plant supports, the practice has a number of benefits like improved spraying to help control foliar diseases and pests, less the sun burn.

The practice will also help promote air circulation around the plant.

Look out for pests and diseases like nematodes, rust mite, cutworm and aphids. General control measure to manage these is through crop rotation, proper field sanitation and use of approved chemicals for chemical control.

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How best to harvest Tomatoes in Uganda

Tomato harvesting is mainly done by hand. The activity is dependant to the end use of the produce and distance to the market.

Pick fruits meant for transportation to long distances when they are at a less mature stage, and those meant for the local market at a mature ripe stage.

About the Tomato Market in Uganda

You can market your tomatoes at the fruit and vegetable markets like Nakaseero, Kalerwe, hotels, restaurants, and local roads side stall.

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Quick Tips for growing Tomatoes in Africa

  • Open up land meant for setting the beds by digging.

  • Make square raised beds by heaping up the soil.

  • Gather dry grass and lay it on top of the beds, then light them up to start burning.

  • The burning is aimed at killing the soil pests, so leave the bed to cool a little bit.

  • Make furrows for sowing or thinly broad cast the tomato seeds.

  • Cover the sown seeds thinly with a layer of soil.

  • Then water, this should be regularly thoroughly the bed time.

  • At 3 to 4 weeks transplant the tomatoes to the main field,

  • Be sure to spray fungicide and pesticide as you transfer your seedlings.

  • Harvest your tomato berries when they are due.

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