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How to grow COLLARDS in Uganda

Collards a.k.a Sukumawiki in Uganda

Collards a.k.a Sukumawiki in Uganda

Collards are a popular leafy vegetable locally known as “Sukumawiki”.

The dark green leaves are borne in rosettes around an upright stocky main stem.

The long stemmed leaves resemble cabbage except that they are oval rather than round.

Common Collards varieties in Uganda

some of the available types on the market include SerenaF1, GloriaF1, RianaF1, and QueenF1.

Soil requirements for planting Collards in Africa

Collards grow well in well drained loam soils that are high in organic matter.

How to propagate Collards in your garden

You can efficiently set up your collard crops using seeds. In about 5 days the seedlings will have started to emerge.

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How to plant Collards in Africa

Prepare your main field for planting as the collards are direct seeded.

Make a shallow furrow about a half an inch deep.

Scatter the seeds lightly in the furrow, and then cover them lightly with soils.

Sprinkle water not pour, as this can wash away the seeds.

The seedlings should be able to come out in about 6 to 12 days.

Keep the garden free of weeds because they rob them of water and nutrients needed for growth.

Pull the weeds by hand or use a hoe to shallowly dig up the weeds but take care not to damage the collard roots.

Collards are subject to some diseases, so if the plants have spots on the leaves you may need to spray with a fungicide and pesticide to counter control the causes of the problem.

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How to Harvest your Collards in Uganda

Collards require 6 to 8 weeks from the time of sowing to fully mature.

The peak time for harvesting is when the leaves are firm, crisp and bright green.

Harvest by cutting off the specific fresh large leaves or you can pull out the entire plant by hand at the ground level.

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About the Collard Market in Uganda

Bunch the harvested leaves tightly, tie them and then send them to consumer accessible shelves like the common roadside stalls, farmer markets like Nakasero, or even supermarket grocer stalls.

Quick Tips for Planting Collards in Uganda

  • Clear up land meant planting your sukumawiki.
  • Open up shallow furrow in a row maintaining a spacing of 3ft between the furrows.

  • Scatter the seeds lightly into the furrow and then thinly cover with soil.

  • Sprinkle the sown seeds with water to enable e the seeds to germinate.

  • In 10 days when the seedlings have fully emerged be sure to thin to create space per plant.

  • Weed to maintain a clean field and to avoid hosting of leaf eating caterpillars.

  • After about 60 days from planting start to harvest you plants and sell or even eat.

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