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How to grow JACKFRUIT in Uganda

Jackfruit Tree in Uganda Africa

Jackfruit Tree in Uganda Africa

Jackfruit is the largest tree borne fruit in the world.
The tree is common to most tropical regions of the world.
In Uganda the tree is locally known as “Fenne” and the tree is found in almost all parts of the country.

Common Jack Fruit varieties in Uganda

In Uganda we don’t have specific types of the tree; however efforts are being made by the national crop resource center to improve the indigenous types present.
Some of internationally recognized varieties include;

Dang Rasimi - this originates from Thailand, it gives fruits that are bright green to pale yellow.

Golden nugget - it produces fruits with deep orange flesh.

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How to Propagate Jack Fruit on your farm

Jack fruit can be propagated by seed or by asexual propagation. You should however select healthy, vigorous, and disease resistant seeds.

Soil requirements for growing Jack fruit in Africa

Jack fruit grows best in well drained, deep soils of moderate fertility. The tree doesn’t tolerate poor draining grounds. The plant thrives in moderately acidic to neutral soils of a Ph 5.0_7.5.

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How to plant Jackfruit in Uganda

Collect seeds from fruits of trees with outstanding growth and fruit qualities.

Use only the largest seeds as these will give you the earliest and highest germination that way producing the strongest seedlings.

To prepare the seeds for plating remove the thin, slimy coating around the seed and then thoroughly rinse the seeds in water to remove any remaining pulp juice or sugary residue.

Pretreat the seeds with relatively hot water as this will stimulate germination.

sow seeds at a depth of 2cm and then gently cover with soil. Germination will begin in 1 to 6 weeks or even longer if seeds were stored for a long time after collection. Water to provide moisture required for seed germination.

Direct seeding in the field is the best propagation method if the planting location is well prepared.

sow several seeds in each planting hole to allow for selecting the most vigorous seedling.

Care for the seedling for at least 6 to 12 months in first growth year. However watch out for boring insects like shoot boring caterpillar and also mealy bugs.

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How best to harvest Jackfruit in Africa

The tree usually bears fruit within 18 to 30 months from transplanting and the fruits mature with in 3 to 8 months from flowering.

The fruit is mature when there is a change in color from pale green to darkish green brown, the spines flatten out and there is a characteristic aroma.

Another method used locally to determine a ripe Jack fruit is to drum the fruit with your hands, when the sound is base/deep then it is ready and when the sound is treble, the fruit is not yet ripe.

Cut the stalk with a sharp knife and lower it carefully.

Waiting for the fruit to fully ripen on the tree and failing to check it daily will result in an over ripe fruit.

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About Marketing Jackfruit in Uganda

Jackfruit has a ready market in farmer markets like Owino, Nakaseero and even roadside stalls or even village grocers. An effort can be made to add value to your fruits by packing the fresh fruits and selling directly to consumers at corporate bodies, making jackfruit crisps and even jam for sophiscated consumption.

Quick Tips for planting jackfruit tree in Uganda

  • Clear up the area meant for planting.

  • Sort out seeds you wish to use to bring up a seedling.

  • Open up a soil depth of 2cm were you are to put your seeds.

  • Pre-treat you seeds with warm water for 30 minutes before planting.

  • Sow your seeds, and then gently cover with soils.

  • Water to provide moisture and in 6 weeks the seeds shall have germinated into a healthy seedling.

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