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Side-striped jackal

Scientific name: Canis adustus

The name originates from the light marks running alongside the sides of their bodies. Coming from afar, the stripes are not exactly outstanding, but up close, the banding patterns can be discerned. Male Side-striped jackal is bigger than females, and significantly so.

They live in pairs, and could even congregate up to 6 members. These jackals can produce a repertoire of sounds, such as hooting, growling, whining and yapping.

Interesting fact: One very common notion that enters our minds when we say "jackal" is howling, right? Well, this kind does not, despite the many sounds they can emit.

Where to find Side Striped Jackal

The Side Striped Jackal inhabits open plains. In Uganda the distribution stretches throughout all four savannah national parks as well as Bwindi and Mgahinga.They are most likely to be seen in the north of Murchison falls.

How to Identify a Side Striped Jackal

The Side Striped Jackal is a nocturnal, dog-like carnivore, with a head and body length of 650-800 mm and tail length of 300-400 mm. Shoulder height 400- 500 mm, mass 7-12 kg.

Timid and rarely seen. Larger than the black-backed jackal. Grey to buffy coloured body and with a darker back, the sides are marked with a white stripe with black lower margins.

The dark tail is almost always tipped with white, whereas the ears are a dark buffy colour.

What the Side Striped Jackal eats

The success of this omnivorous species can be attributed to its ability to live off a wide variety of food, changing its diet in response to environmental conditions. Diet includes small mammals, carrion, fruits, maize, reptiles, eggs and birds.

Behavior & Breeding

Mating normally occurs during June-July, but some mating may take place throughout the year. After a gestation period of 57-64 days, four to six pups are born during August to November.

Assistance with the rearing of pups is rendered by the previous year’s offspring. Excavated termitaria and old Aardvark burrows are commonly used as dens.

Both parents assist with rearing the young after weaning. They bring food to the pups in the mouth or regurgitate it at two to three hour intervals throughout the night.

During the breeding season a pair remain in close proximity. It is a highly territorial species, and each territory is held by a monogamous pair and their recent offspring. Offspring will eventually disperse and find their own territories.

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