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Hartebeest antelope in Uganda

Hartebeest means “tough ox” its easy to hunt because its spread hartebeest kongoni is the Swahili name. It is one of the fastest antelopes. Other hartebeest includes hunters, Jackson’s and lichtenstein’s hartebeest.


Common name: Hartebeest antelope
Scientific name alcelaphus buselaphus
Kingdom animalia
Phylum chordate
Class mammalia
Order artiodactyla
Family boridze
Genius alcelaphus
Species buselaphus

What the Hartbeest antelope

They are. They have a lifespan of 12-15 years. They feed almost entirely on grass but is not very selective and quite tolerant of pr quality food.

Where to find the Hartbeest antelope

It is found on the open grass plains and free grass lands in southern Kenya and Tanzania (kangoni). Hartebeest are mainly found in medium and tall grasslands including savannas. They are more tolerant of high grass and woods other than alcetaphines (archetypical plains antelopes).

In Uganda you will find this antelope in Murchison Falls Protected Area.

How to identify the Hartbeest antelope

Hartebeest is a large, town-colored antelope. It is a hump shouldered with a sleepy sloping back, shin legs and too long narrow face. Different hartebeest can be identified from the coat color and the shape of the horns.


It moves around more when larger groupings form during the dry seasons or in periods of draught. To seek water and better grazing. Bleeding takes place within territories – open, short grass areas of ridges or sizes on plateaus.

Males do not tear their territories for long if they intend to keep them while females are free to seek the best grazing in their home range males defend their territories. They often stand on open, elevated areas to keep a look out for introducers.

Males are aggressive especially so during breeding peaks.

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