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The Potto

Scientific name: Periodictis Potto

This small primate is Classified as endangered under the American society of wild life. Potto comes from the African word pata meaning tailless.

Where to find the Potto

They are commonly located in West and central African and restricted to equatorial rain forests.

How to identify the Potto

The Potto’s color range from reddish brown to black depending on age, sex and type. They have thick and wooly fur with a very short tail approx. 2.4 inches making it barely visible under the fur. The entire body i.e. head to tail is about 12- 18 inches.


It’s a nocturnal creature spending most of its daylight hours dosing in tree branches curled up with its head between the legs, they cling so tightly to the tree branch and cannot be easily removed , they rarely descend to the ground and feed on fruits, plant matter, insects slugs while in the trees.
They are solitary most of the time except for a very brief courting and mating period.

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