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Vanilla Candle Recipe

Vanilla Candle in Glass

Vanilla Candle in Glass

How to make a Vanilla Scented Candle
Do it yourself (DIY) Vanilla Candle
Vanilla candle
Vanilla candles

We just love burning scented candles in our house and whether you put them on the living room, bathroom or your bedroom, they can help calm your mind after a stressful day. This is the reason they are great gifts.


Old glassware or vase
Vanilla extract or vanilla scent melts
Soy candle wax
Coffee beans


First, melt the wax. Pour about two cups of soy candle wax on the bowl.
Then, insert the vanilla scent melts.
Heat the mixture in the microwave for 45 seconds to melt down the scent melts.

While waiting for the vanilla cubes to melt, get the glass and wick. Use glue or tape to secure the wick on the glass.
Make sure the wick is glued properly on the bottom so it won’t come off easily once you pour in the wax.
Cut the excess if there is any.

Get the mixture from the microwave and stir to melt. Keep stirring until the candle wax is dissolved entirely.
You can add vanilla extract for the scent at this point. If you think the wax is not enough, you can pour additional soy wax to the mixture. Make sure to mix it well.

It will take you about 4-5 minutes of stirring for everything to melt.

The mixture gradually turns into liquid form.

Then, pour the wax on your glass. Be careful that the wick doesn’t come off.

Put coffee beans in while it is still in liquid form. Once the wax turns white, you’ll know the wax is getting firm.

Hold the wick into the center while you wait for the wax to dry.

So, that’s it! Light up your candle and let the scent fill the room.

You now have scented candles that you can wrap as gifts for friends and family.

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