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Honey Centrifuge Extractor, Press & straining cloth you can use in Uganda

Honey Centrifuge Extractor to Use in Uganda , Africa

Honey Centrifuge Extractor to Use in Uganda , Africa

The Centrifuge extractor is a machine used to extract honey from combs and framed combs. It comes ready made.
Some are made of food grade plastic while others made of food grade stainless steel.

They have extracting capacity ranging from 2 frames to 18.

The combs or frames are arranged either radially, triangularly or rectangularly in order to extract honey.

There are manual extractors as well as the electrical ones.

All types have a spout for draining the honey out of the tank.

The bottom is convex inside to allow all the honey to drain. They are fitted on 3 stands.
The main body is cylindrical. They have 2 transparent plastic covers.

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Feb 01, 2017
Honey processing
by: myres

am a natural honey producer from Mitooma district and a market my product in Kampala clients, however some customers have compaign that the honey solidifies, so is this a problem? if so hw can I overcome? thank you

When honey is pure, and stays long on the shelf , it will crystallize or become solid.

You need to re-assure your clients that solidifying of honey is a sign that is of high quality.

Oct 17, 2016
Cost of manual honey extractor
by: Ben

Please, provide me with specifications of a manual honey extractor and its cost.

Than you so much

Contact me on

Feb 23, 2016
Equipment query
by: Lawrence

Thanks for a very informative page! I would want to find out how to obtain the manual honey press, the screw type with the perforated mesh cylinder. I can be reached on

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