The Black Faced Rofous Warbler

If you are Planning a Uganda Birding Safari. Then plan to enjoy the Black Faced Rofous Warbler.

In this section of the Uganda Birding Safari Guide we share with you information about Black Faced Rofous Warblers that could help you enjoy your Bird watching tour to Africa.

You will find information about:

Where to find the Black Faced Rofous Warbler (Bathmocercus rufus)

Black Faced Rofous Warblers are striking birds of thick forest under growth.

These birds are common at higher altitudes such as Mgahinga National Park, Bwindi National Park and Mount Elgon.

Mgahinga National Park apart from Mountain Gorillas it is known to have these mountain warblers so if you visit this place be sure of watching these birds.

Characteristics of The Black Faced Rofous Warbler

The Black Faced Rofous Warbler is 13cm in height and the adult male bird is bright chestnut with a broad black vertical stripe down the face, throat and breast.

The adult female bird has a similar black facial stripe but is olive- grey above.

In their habitat

The Black Faced Rofous Warblers are common in thick forest under growth but they are very secretive.

You will find them in pairs or family groups often whistling.

The male warbler sings a monotone piping song while the female accompanies with rattling sound chlt chlt chlt chlt chlt chlt.

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