Plan your tourism safari to Mgahinga National Park when seeking a Mountain Gorilla Tracking tour to Africa.

Mgahinga is an exciting Gorilla Tracking National park second to only Bwindi National Park.

The park has over 39 mammal species and 79 bird species which you can also enjoy.

Mountain Gorilla in Uganda

In this guide we share with you some Tips and Information that will help you plan your memorable Gorilla Tracking tour to Mgahinga National Park.

You will find


Mgahinga is the smallest national park in Uganda.

It forms part of a cross-border system of contiguous reserves in DRC & Rwanda extending over 430km sq of the higher Virungas.

As small as it is, Mgahinga National Park is the most scenic park in Uganda, offering panoramic views that sketch northwards to Bwindi & a southern skyline dominated by the steep volcanic cones of the Virungas.

Mgahinga protects more than 70 mammal species including

  • The Golden monkey,
  • The black and white colobus,
  • The Mountain gorilla,
  • Bush pig,
  • Buffalo,
  • Bush back,
  • Elephant,
  • Leopard
  • And 115 species of bird species which make Mgahinga a favorable place for birdwatchers.

Mgahing National park is best known to tourists for Mountain gorilla tracking, however, these gorillas are never permanently within the park.

They move freely between Uganda & the neighboring National park in Rwanda.

Gorilla tracking is not the only activity done in this park therefore you should look forward to the forest walks, and day walks to the three volcanic peaks of the Virungas.

The (Mufumbiro) Virungas are a chain of isolated free standing volcanic cones straddling the borders of Uganda, Rwanda & DRC.

The chain is comprised of six inactive and two active volcanoes all of which exceed 3,000m in altitude;

  • the tallest being the Karisimbi 4,507m,
  • the second being Mikeno 4,437m
  • and Muhavura 4,127m.

Three of the eight mountains lie partially within Uganda.

Muhavura and Gahinga 3,475m straddle the Rwandan border while Sabinyo 3,669m stands at the junction of the three National borders

How to Get there and away.

Kisoro is about 540 km from Kampala,Uganda's capital city, it will take you about 8 hours via Kabale by car.

For public transport, you will find daily buses/minibuses, which set off at 7.00pm from Kampala.

Once in Kisoro Town, you can hike to the park if you are strong enough or hire a cab to the park gate.

Ntebeko Entrance Gate lies roughly 14 km from Kisoro along a dirt road.

It takes roughly 30 min from Kisoro town. A 4X4 may be needed especially if its during the rainy season.

To get to Mgahinga from the national park offices in Kisoro, you have to follow the main road towards the DRC for about 100m, turn left at the first main junction, immediately before the Travelers Rest Inn, then turn right about 100m further.

Follow the stone cairns up to Ntebeko.

Interesting Activities at Mgahinga National Park

Gorilla tracking

Mgahinga's most exciting and memorable activity is tracking the Mountain gorillas in the thick jungle.

Roughly around 45 gorillas spend part of the year in Mgahinga moving to & from the adjoining protected forests in Rwanda and DRC.

The park has one habituated group, Nyakagyezi, which you can visit.

This Moutain Gorilla group consits of 11 members;

  • 2 Silverbacks
  • 3 adult females
  • 4 juveniles and
  • 2 infants.


This group is mobile and sometimes crosses into Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC, so you need to check with Uganda wildlife Authority offices in Kisoro for Updates on the whereabouts of the gorillas when you go for Gorilla tracking in this park.

Click here for more information about Mountain Gorilla Tracking in Uganda.

Mountain hikes

Guided day hikes to each of the three volcanic peaks in Mgahinga costs roughly around USD 40-50 per person inclusive of the guide and visitation fee.

You should be in a good physical condition to do this activity.

An early start is required for any of the mountain hikes & don’t forget a pair of good boots, warm cloths and rain gear incase it rains.

At least it takes around 6-7 hours round trip from Ntebeko up Mount Gahinga.

This offers you a chance to see various forest birds in the bamboo zone, while duikers and bushback inhabit the marshy crater at the peak.

Batwa Trail and Garamba Cave

The Batwa Trail leads from the base of Muhavura to Garamba Cave.

This walk is conducted by Batwa guides who will provide you with insights into their traditional forest life and culture.

The 342 meter Garamba Cave lies beneath a plateau near the northern edge of the park, 3 KM from Ntebeko.

It is set in the former farmland zone but in ealier times, the cave lay deep in forest when it was occupied periodically by Batwa who used it as a council chamber and a retreat after raiding their Bafumbira neighbours.

Today the cave provides an atmospheric setting for performance of Batwa music at the end of the Batwa Trail.

Nature walks

Nature trails concentrating on the forest zone run out of Ntebeko.

You will have to pay US $ 10 per person. There is the Sabinyo Gorge trail which is a 3-4 hour walk.

It ascends through the heath around Ntebeko into a stand of bamboo forest before following a small stream through a lushy forested gorge.

The bamboo forest is a good place to see the pretty golden monkey as well as handsome francolin, kivu ground thrush and regal sunbird.

The evergreen forest harbors the localized birds such as

  • The Rwenzori turaco,
  • The western green tinker bird,
  • The olive wood pecker
  • African hill babbler,
  • Archer’s ground robin
  • and many more others.

Golden monkey visits

If you don’t get a chance to track gorillas then don’t miss to see the Golden monkey (Cercopithecus kanditi).

Endemic to the Albertine Rift, the golden monkey is characterized by a bright orange-gold body, cheeks and tail contrasting with its black limbs, crown and tail end.

Fortunately the golden monkey is numerical dominant primate within this restricted range.

Uganda Mountain Gorilla Videos

Where to stay?

It is possible to visit Mgahinga National Park as a day’s trip from one of the lodges in Kisoro or you may opt to stay at the up market and shoestring accommodation at the Ntebeko Entrance Gate.

Click here for more information about accommadation in Mgahinga National Park

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