The African Pygmy Kingfisher

If you are Planning a Uganda Birding Safari. Then plan to enjoy The African Pygmy Kingfisher.

In this section of the Uganda Birding Safari Guide we share with you information about African Pygmy Kingfishers that can help you enjoy your Bird watching tour to Africa.

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Interesting Facts about The African Pygmy Kingfisher (Ispidina picta)

This is a small colorful bird. It is about 11cm.

It has a small dark blue crown that does not extend down to the eye.

The rest of its body is predominantly orange apart from the tail and the back which is blue.

They are widely spread far from water bodies in forests, denser thickets and wooded grassland at 1500 below sea level.

They can be seen “dozing” with even the abrupt head jerks and therefore some of the tribes in Uganda known them as “dozers”.

They have a characteristic high pitched tsi-tsi-tsi... vocal sometimes a squeaky chitterling.

Characteristics of African Pygmy Kingfisher

The adult bird of nominate species has a small dark blue crown which does not extend down to the eye.

It has orange cheeks with purplish – pink wash to ear coverts.

The immature birds are duller, with a darker face, short blackish bill and breast scaling.

In their habitats

They can be found single or in pairs in these thick bushes.

They mostly feed on insects

When in Uganda you will be able to see them in Budongo Forest and Semliki wildlife reserve.

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