Namirembe Guest House

When planning your Business trip to Africa, plan to book into Namirembe Guest House if you're seeking budget christian accommodation within the City Center of Kampala, Uganda's Capital.

Namirembe Guest Hotel can make a good venue for your small business planning meeting where you need to sit quiet and think.

This Uganda Guest House is a warm and friendly Christian establishment governed by the Church Commissioners and managed by a team of dedicated staff.

Namirembe Guest House started as a monastery and retreat house for the Church Missionary Society (C.M.S.) who later passed its ownership on to the Anglican Church of Uganda Trustees.

This Uganda hotel was named after the Namirembe Hill meaning the Mother of Peace.

In this section of the Uganda Hotels Booking Guide you will find tips and information to help you evaluate whether Namirembe Guest House is the perfect Hotel Booking for your business travel needs in Africa.

You will find information about:

Where to find Namirembe Guest House

Namirembe Guest Hotel is about a five minutes drive from the city centre and the Hotel is easily accessible by public transport.

The guest house is situated on the outer slopes of Namirembe Hill, a Luganda name meaning the "Mother of Peace", and commands a magnificent view of Kampala city, thus the mantra "A Million Dollar View".

Some of the interesting institutions and structures nearby include:

  • St. Paul's Cathedral at the top of Namirembe hill
  • Mengo Hospital
  • Kabaka's Palace and Bulange Office
  • Kasubi Tombs and
  • Several shopping malls within Mengo Town

You can open this link to locate Namirembe Guest Hotel on the Uganda Hotels Search Map.

Hotel accommodation and room rates

Namirembe Guest Hotel has several fine rooms for your Uganda accomodation.

In the table below we summarise for you the different types of rooms you will find at this Uganda Hotel and estamates of the room rates for each type of room.

Type of Room

Room Rates

Single (non-self contained)

USD 30

Standard Single

USD 45

Standard Twin

USD 55

Double Bed

USD 50

Family Room (3 beds)

USD 70

Family Room (4 bed)

USD 20 per bed

Compare Namirembe Guest Hotel room rates with other Hotels in Uganda.

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What you will find in your Hotel Room

Room facilities include TVs, intercom, work desks and international dialing services.

Other Amenities at Namirembe Guest House

  • Tour Operator Services
  • Business Center
  • Salon Services for your beauty
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Ample parking space

Namirembe Guest House Restaurants

The Namirembe Guest Hotel restaurant serves a wide variety of local and international cuisine.

The facility has friendly and courteous staff who will offer you personalised service that will make your experience memorable.

I asked the staff to help me load Airtime on my cell phone, find me an extention cable for my laptop when working outdoors, and they happily extended this extra service.

What you will find:

  • Friday barbecues
  • Sunday feasts
  • Room service
  • Customised outside catering
  • Breakfast features the Chef's selection for the day
  • The Coffee & Fruit Bar is also ideal for your social interactions.

You will enjoy a blend of spiritual lyrics, instrumentals and country music.

I didn't see any alcohol being served!

The Guest House conference and banqueting facilities

At Namirembe Guest Hotel you will find conference and banqueting rooms ranging from 50 to 100 seats. The facility can handle at 4 functions simultaneously.

In addition, if you have small group meeting, you can be accommodated at various terraces.

The recently built popular "Kaije Coffee & Fruit Bar" can also be used for holding conferences.

Additional conferencing services include overhead projectors, flip charts, public address systems, television and video deck.

Namirembe Guest House Reviews

Have you ever enjoyed the services of Namirembe Guest House at any one time during your Business travels to Africa...?

  • If you've held a sucessfull business planning meeting under the breathtaking breeze on Namirembe Hill
  • You've had a memorable family party at Namirembe Guest Hotel or
  • You've stayed in the Hotel and enjoyed the personalised services at Namirembe Guest hotel....!
In this Uganda Hotels, Booking Guide we give you the chance to share your story...

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