Faso Hotel Kampala

When planning your Business trip to Africa, plan to book into Faso Hotel Kampalaif you wish to experience a low priced Kampala hotel during your Uganda trip.

Faso hotel Kampala is nicely located within the city center for a visitor on business and also urban tourists.

This one is realy close to the busy pedestrian markets and boutiques!

In this section of the Uganda Hotels Booking Guide you will find tips and information to help you evaluate whether Faso hotel Kampala is the perfect Hotel Booking for your business travel needs in Africa.

You will find information about:

Where to find Faso hotel

You will find Faso hotel is located only 3 km from the city center, with accessibility to town facilities like banks, easy transport systems and shopping.

The hotel is close to some of the busiest markets and boutiques within the city center.

You can open this link to locate Faso hotel Kampala on the Uganda Hotels Search Map.

Hotel accommodation and room rates

At Faso hotel you will find cheap rooms ranging from Single , Double , Twin and Deluxe.

The hotel rooms are fairly eqquiped to meet your basic business travel needs.

In the table below we summarise for you the different types of rooms you will find at this Uganda Hotel and estimates of the room rates for each type of room.

Room Type

Room Rates


USD 25


USD 38


USD 35


USD 60

This rate includes Bed and breakfast.

You will be able to pay in cash with USD, EURO, and Ugandan Shillings.

Compare Faso hotel room rates with other Hotels in Uganda.

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What you will find in your Hotel Room

Your room at Faso Hotel will be self contained and equipped with basic hotel facilities including Intercom telephone services, Television facilities, working desk, Mosquito Nets and Mirrors.

You have access to a 24hr room service.

Business Services at Faso hotel Kampala

As a business delegate at Faso Hotel Kampala, you can easily make full use of the facilities at the Business center and the hotel has some conference facilities for your small business meetings.

Fang Fang Restaurants

As a guest you will enjoy a variety of lavish meals including Indian, Italian, English and traditional cuisine.

You will also be able to find a variety of drinks.

Relaxation at Faso hotel

At Faso hotel you can easily orgnize a suite of group tours.

Faso hotel Reviews

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