Irish Potato Recipes in Uganda

Irish Potatoes Fresh from Soil in Uganda

Irish Potatoes Fresh from Soil in Uganda

The white or Irish potato (Solanum tuberosum), also called the "earth apple" (Fr. pomme de terre), needs no lengthy introduction.

In regions where climate is too cold for maize, natives have been able to grow potatoes; the archeological record of potato use dates back at least 13,000 years in Chile and 9000 years in Peru and Bolivia.

In Peru the tuber is freeze-dried in the night air and then trampled to make a starch staple, and this is added to stews with other tubers (oca, Oxalis tuberosa; melloco, Ullucus tuberosus). Potato is also used to make an alcoholic beverage called chicha.

White potato became an essential staple in the diets of common people throughout Europe. In Ireland, where the crop did extremely well, potato was the only staple food; e.g., male farm workers consumed 12-14 pounds of potatoes daily. In 1845, after three weeks of wet weather, the Irish potato crop began to die.

Solanum tuberosum is the fourth largest yielding crop plant in the world, behind wheat, rice, and maize, but compared with these three cereals, its production (nearly 225-285 million metric tons) occurs on 10% of the area. Potato trivia includes that this species is cultivated in 126 countries (1980 data), although Europe and the former Soviet Union contained 70% of the global potato area.

One area in Switzerland produces 42 tons per acre, and other high yields come from the Netherlands and Israel.

Five billion pounds of potatoes are made into fries every year!


The potato is nutritionally very good, high in starch (8-28%) but with 1-4% protein in the inner layers of the skin (periderm, i.e., cork cells). This species also has some vitamin C.

In addition to the usual eating of the tuber, white potato is used in the fermentation of vodka and for adhesives and sizing in paper and textiles. You should never eat a green potato--THEY ARE DEADLY POISONOUS if much is consumed.

The poisonous substance is the alkaloid solanine, which is made in all green tissues of the plant.

Common Irish Potato Recipes in Uganda

Irish Potatoes : Obumonde obuzungu:

(i) Boiled : Irish Potatoes with Onions, Tomatoes +Green pepper + Salt.

(ii) Boiled: Irish potatoes with Vegetables + Ghee

(iii) Chips/Fries (The Common Name in Uganda is Chips, we rarely use the word Fries for this food)

(iv) Fried Whole

(v) Grilled

(vi) Baked

(vii)Egg Potatoes

(viii) Coated Irish potatoes

(ix)Irish Cakes or Croquets

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