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Heritage Lodge, Ha’buharo Island Kabale Uganda

Ha’Buharo Island’s Heritage Lodge is designed as a base for tourists wishing to track Gorillas, Watch birds and engage in other activities in Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks, the Hot springs in Ihimbo forest. All of which are within easy reach from this breath-taking beautiful lake and Heritage Lodge, the gem of Lake Bunyonyi.

So, whether you are a honey-moon couple, a family seeking fun and change, an executive looking for a retreat venue, or simply trying to get away from it all for a few days, you are guaranteed to find Ha’buharo a memorable interlude, a therapy for your soul

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Set in idyllic isolation, on the tranquil waters of Lake Bunyonyi, in Kabale District, Southwestern Uganda, Ha’buharo Island invites the traveler whose quest is rest and beauty.

Ha’Buharo Island being interpreted “Island of Bird song” is located on Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale District, South Western Uganda, 411 km from Kampala and 100km from Kigali-Rwanda.

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ROOMS (rates, types, services)

The Island features self-contained family-size tents on platforms, and cottages, well spread out into the woods and foliage, ensuring much cherished privacy.
Single Occupancy: B&B USD61, Full board USD 75
Double Occupancy: B&B USD 120, Full board USD 145
Cottage (single Occupancy): B&B USD 95(per night), Full board USD 115(per night)
Any additional person staying in the cottage pays an extra fee of USD 60

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In keeping with the environmental significance of the island, the tents and cottages are built almost exclusively of natural materials, and are solar-powered. Running water, flush toilets and hot showers, provide added comfort.


The lodge offers conference facilities according to the needs of the clients.

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Delicious meals are prepared from fresh, organically grown vegetables. Fresh lake fish such as Tilapia, catfish and the famous cray fish also feature prominently on the menu. Diners will enjoy the ambiance of our restaurant building set on the crest of the hill, or they can dine al fresco under the stars in the pleasant gardens.

A guest lounge adjoins the Restaurant, and guests can relax over a pre- or after-dinner drink, a good campfire and good conversation.

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Walk, jog or cycle right round Habuharo Island, enjoying its beautiful scenery, the birdsong and the pleasant breeze from the lake. Our guide can also arrange hiking ventures up the high hills that surround the Lake.

-Bird Watching:
The Island is inhabited by a variety of birds, such as the Sun Bird, BouBou, Fire Finch, Robin Chat, Wood-Pecker, Bee-Eater, Wagtail, and Kingfisher. Our guide has identified at least 36 species on Habuharo Island alone. An even greater variety of bird species can be found at the neighbouring Nyombe Swamp, which is an hour's boat ride from Habuharo. An early morning tour of the swamp is advisable. You can also watch birds from the tranquility of your own tent veranda and from the large gardens or marshes around the island. Noise and human activity on the island is kept to a minimum for this purpose.

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-Cultural and Historical Tours:
A visit to the Batwa (Pygmies) and Abaheesi (black smiths) communities, or to the Bukora Cave, can be arranged.
Swimming: Lake Bunyonyi is free from the hazard of bilharzia, and there are no snakes or large animals in the water. There is a deck and diving board, and experienced swimmers are encouraged to enjoy the water in this fourth-deepest lake in the world!

-Canoeing and Boat Rides:
The Lodge owns two motor-boats and several dugout canoes – a guided tour of Lake Bunyonyi or an adventure of paddling yourself in a dug-out canoe can be arranged. Several islands boast of interesting and intriguing folklore.

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