Find airport time saving tips and plan more productive Uganda flights

By now you have a good plan for your Uganda flights, the airlines you plan to use, the routes you will take and how you can get cheap air tickets. On this page we shall share with you some tips on how you can avoid delays at the airport and how you can free your self from stress during your long flights to Africa Uganda.You will also get advice on how to make most out of your flight to Uganda.

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Try to Redeem the Time you can

There are many things that can drive you crazy as a business traveler, but airport delays have to rank among the most frustrating.

whereas you may have no control over some causes of these delays such as late aircraft related delays, flight cancellations, and weather related delays, you can certainly contribute to reducing your checking time.

Since the 9/11 disaster, airlines world over, have become more conscious of passenger safety than before. During your Uganda-flights therefore, present yourself in an unquestionable manner you will avoid delays at airport security check points.

When packing your travel bags, here is how you can facilitate shorting of your checking time at the airports:

You should Avoid packing prohibited items like lotions, knives,razor blades in your hand luggage

You need to place your cash and jewelry in your hand luggage.

Tape your business card to your laptop if you have one else attach it on anything in your carry-on luggage.

Avoid clothing and jewelry with metals; they may set off the metal detector alarm.

Place your camera with a film and undeveloped films in your hand luggage because the luggage screening equipment may destroy the undeveloped films.

keep away from wearing shoes with metal and those with thick soles. These types of shoes may invite additional check up.

Be sure to declare firearms and ammunitions to your airline and keep them in your checked luggage.

Use the TSA recognized lock to fasten your luggage if you wish.

You should desist from carrying wrapped gifts to the airport.

When you reach the airport

keep your travel documents available; your airline boarding ticket, and your passport should be easily accessible until you exit the security points.

Your mobile phone, keys, loose change, money clips, jewelry, your metal hair decoration and your large belt buckle should be in your carry-on luggage before you enter the screening check point.

Your Laptop and your video camera with its cassette out place in the bin at the check point.

Taking off your outer coat or heavy jacket at the check points will save you some good time as well.

Forget about stress and make your Uganda flights more rewarding.

If you are the kind of Business traveler who dreads flying, try out these tips and you will enjoy your flight:

Book an aisle seat during your Uganda-flights and not a window,and you will have enough space to move freely in the cabin.

Keep your mind occupied: Uganda-flights can long and therefore a challenge for the mind as much as they are for the body. So, outsmart your brain by keeping yourself occupied. Popular diversions include: portable music player, your best book, a new magazine, a pack of gum, a crossword puzzle, and travel or phrase books that prepare you for Africa Uganda.

Pack your own snacks: This one is self-explanatory but so important and often forgotten. You can bring light snacks that are non-crumbly since there is nothing like getting off of the plane to see relatives or business partners while sporting cracker crumbs on your shirt or chocolate smears on your pants. I would suggest granola, hard candy, non-bready crackers, and the like.

Exercise: Take every opportunity to get up and move about: Use any excuse you can think of to get up frequently during the flight and walk around: go to the lavatory, get up to ask a flight attendant for a glass of water, or just make up a reason. On most airlines you are allowed to go to the very rear of the plane and cross to the opposing main aisle, so effectively you can sneak in a full lap or two before annoying too many of your fellow passengers.

Accomplish a business task: Writing in a journal offers you the opportunity to actually take advantage of your long Uganda flight. Here you are taking a potentially life-changing vacation, going on an important business trip, or seeing relatives whom you have not visited in a long time: why not take advantage of the fresh perspective you can gain through access to a wellspring of creative ideas about your personal life or business? Taking your journal on your Uganda flight may not only help you to pass the time: you just might end up with some fresh perspectives on your life by the time you land.

Seek the right peace of mind. Your pilots are trained to make the flights safe and secure. However, Saying a short Prayer can also help you remain calm in the comfort of divine intervention.

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