The Uganda Coffee Safari

As a coffee enthusiast, you're planning that exclusive coffee safari at the end of your business trip to Africa, Uganda.

But lets face the fact! Coffee is the World's most popular non-alcoholic beverage after water and Uganda is a ranked world producer of coffee producing an estimated 2 Million Bags of Uganda Coffee annually.

In this part of the Coffee guide we introduce to you one of most involving African Coffee Safaris you will ever take. Use the guidelines and tips on this page to refine your business schedule, save time & money and enjoy your coffee tour.

You will find information about:

1000cups Coffee House

1000cups Coffee House is a top Uganda Coffee Shop located with the city center of Kampala, Uganda’s Capital.

1000cups Coffee Shop is strategically located on Buganda Road right opposite a prominent Uganda Arts and Crafts market.

This environmentally friendly Coffee Shop, is the heart of Uganda’s Coffee roasting, brewing and drinking.

1000cups Coffee House is a featured business in the BBC World Documentary of the Year, “AFRICA OPEN FOR BUSINESS”, and Lonely Planet described it as probably Uganda’s Best Café.

This Shops concept of “a cup for every nation” provides the broadest coffee menu you probably have ever seen, selling coffee recipes from all over the world.

Bulansuku Farm Estates

Bulansuku Farm Estates is a family owned business covering over 200acres and part of the 120 member community development association practicing as far as possible organic/mixed farming.

It employs about 30 employees, yields about 12MT of coffee annually, it provides subsidized education to children of the members from the school it built and funds located on its premises.

The One day Uganda Coffee safari

In collaboration with 1000cups Coffee House and Bulansuku Coffee Farm we organize a one (1) day Coffee Safari preferably on Friday which tracks back your favorite Coffee Bean to the Heartland of its source deep in Mukono District for a reasonably affordable fee.

Your African Coffee Safari Schedule

7:30-8:00am Coffee Breakfast

You will assemble for Breakfast at 1000cups Coffee House Plot 18 Buganda Road.

8:30-9:00am Judge your Coffee

Coffee Tasting and Evaluation at the Uganda Coffee Development Authority

9:15-9:35am Grading & Sorting

Visit to a coffee grading & processing Plant.

9:35-10:15am Roast your Own Coffee

Visit to a Coffee Roastry

10:30am-12:30pm Research

Listen to the Coffee Researcher at Kituuza Coffee Research Station

12:30-12:45pm Scenic Country Drive to

Bulansuku farm Estates, Mukono District

12:45-2:00pm East-2-West

Lunch break at Bulansuku Farm Estates (Traditional African Buffet)

2:15-4:00pm Farmers Life

At the Farm you will participate in several activities including:

  • Coffee Planting
  • Coffee Picking
  • Coffee Pulping
  • Coffee Drying and
  • Much more…

Your village farm trail will include:

  • Visiting the Farming Communities
  • Biking
  • Donkey rides
  • Coffee Bush Walks
  • Forest Walks and
  • Playing Farm Games

4:00-5:00pm One-4-the Road

Coffee Break and Evening Drive Back to 1000cups Coffee House in Kampala. Here you will normaly be take via an alternative Route.

So, what does it take?

  • Safari Wear
  • Binoculars
  • Spirit of adventurism
  • Individual Insurance (Optional)
  • Pre-Paid Booking
  • Special arrangements can also be made for big Groups.

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