The Scarlet-Chested Sunbird
Chalcomitra senegalensis

Planning a birding Safari at the end your next business trip to Africa...? Get ready to enjoy the Scarlet-chested Sunbird.

These birds are represented by more than 30 species in Uganda.

Sunbirds are small, colourful and often iridescent nector-eaters, with long curved bills reminiscent of the unrelated hummingbirds which fill a similar niche in the New World.

The Scarlet-chested Sunbird is one of the more common species in Uganda, jet-black with a bold scalet chest patch and green head markings.

In this section of the Birding Safari Guide we share with you information about Scarlet-chested Sunbirds in Uganda in order to make your Bird watching tour to Africa even more fascinating.

You will find information about:

Where to find the Scarlet-chested Sunbird in Uganda

You will usually find these birds in pairs and sometimes in large numbers at Leonotis flowers.

Scarlet-chested Sunbirds inhabit a wide variety of forest edge, wooded valleys, gardens and cultivation.

You stand the chance of seeing these birds in almost any Birding Site in Uganda during your African safari.

How you will know that you've seen a Scarlet-chested Sunbird

You will see a relatively small bird about 15cm long.

The adult male has a brilliant scarlet breast and small iridescent green cap and green throat (which is sometimes difficult to see.)

The wings, lower side, eyes and head are black.

The female is dark brown above without a spercillium, it is dirty yellowish-white below mottled brown.

The immature male and female birds look alike with some dull red feathers on the breast and a blackish throat.

Interesting Facts about Scarlet-chested Sunbirds

The song of Scarlet-chested Sunbirds is a short series of loud explosive notes, interspersed with monotonous, complex chips and scratchy notes.

The female Scarlet-chested Sunbird lays 2-3 eggs and incubation is done by either sex.

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