Piacpiac Bird
Ptilostomus afer

Planning a birding Safari at the end your next business trip to Africa...? Get ready to meet Piacpiac, the unusual crow!

Smaller and more lightly built than other African crows, glossy black with a red eye.

You will often see this bird in the vicinity of riverine palms and she's a frequent associate with livestock or bovines, eating disturbed insects, common in Jinja and Murchison Falls.

In this section of the Birding Safari Guide we share with you information about Piacpiac Birds in Uganda in order to make your Bird watching tour to Africa even more captivating.

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Where to find the Piacpiac Bird in Uganda

In Africa, you will often find these birds in small flocks from 600-1500m in open country and in the vicinity of Borassus palms invariably associating with cattle or large game catching disturbed insects.

During your birding safari to Uganda, you will easily find these birds at Jinja near the source of the Nile and at Murchison Falls National Park.

How you will know that you've seen a Piacpiac Bird

The Piacpiac bird is an unusual crow about 36 cm long. Adult birds often appear all-black with a long graduated tail, but at close range may show dull brown wings and tail edges. In flight you will see obvious pale grey-brown primaries.

You will differentiate the adult birds from the young ones by their black bill; the immature birds have a bright pink bill with a black tip.

Sexes are alike.

Interesting Facts about Piacpiac Birds

Piacpiac Birds are noisy crow species especially at dawn and dusk, when parties keep up a cacophony of loud, squealing skweer.. or pee-ip... notes.

Did you know?

Crows are often unafraid of man, scavenging around villages and at rubbish dumps in towns and cities.

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