The White Headed Turaco
tauraco leocolophus

If you're planning a birding Safari at the end your next business trip to Africa,plan to enjoy the White Headed Turaco.

This Uganda Bird is a striking purple-green turaco with a distinctive white Head a.k.a Crest.

In this section of the Uganda Birding Safari Guide we share with you information about White Headed Turacos in Uganda in order to make your Bird watching tour to Africa even more rewarding.

You will find information about:

Where to find the White Headed Turaco in Uganda

White Headed Turacos are widespread but secretive in woodlands and riparian forests of Africa.

In Uganda you will often see these birds along the Nile River in Murchison Falls National Park.

You're likely to find these birds in singles or pairs in the canopy, running and jumping along large branches before gliding weakly to the next tree.

How you will know that you've seen a White Headed Turaco

You will see a distictive green bird, about 40cm long, with a gleaming white crest and neck, a black fore-crown, a yellow bill and a red eye-ring.

Her body is largely bottle-green with a purple blue wash over the back, the wings and the tail.

The male and female birds look alike.

Interesting Facts about White Headed Turacos

The call of the White Headed Turacos starts with a single long laughing upslur and, after a distinct pause,continues with a rapid sequence of gruff khow notes that slur into each other.

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