The Silver Bird
empidornis semipartitus

If you're planning a birding Safari during you're next business trip to Africa,plan to enjoy the Silver bird.

This Uganda Bird is arguably the sweetest singer among flycatchers.

In this section of the Uganda Birding Safari Guide we share with you information about Silver birds in Uganda in order to make your Bird watching tour to Africa even more rewarding.

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Where to find the Silver Bird in Uganda

The Silver Bird inhabits the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Africa and is native to East Africa.

In Uganda you will often see this bird perching openly in Murchison Falls National Park.

Silver birds are stunning fly-catchers of open area, and they normally feed on small insects like spiders and caterpillars, these birds also on grains and seeds.

How you will know that you've seen a Silver Bird

The silver bird is an 18cm long passerine bird in the muscicapidae family.

You will see a small bird which is silver-grey above and lawny orange below.

Both sexes are similar although the young ones are heavily spotted above with creamy-buff and black, and mottled and patched buff, brown and orange below.

This Uganda Bird lays 2-3 eggs and both mum and dad participate in incubating the eggs.

Interesting Facts about Silver Birds

The silver bird sings infrequently, but it is the sweetest of the flycatchers: her songs consist of short random phrases with a thrush-like pattern, sometimes with the terminal note higher and thinner ; ee- sleeur- eee..... or swert siur- siur -eet- seet......

She can also make a longer eerip, eep- eep cherip chch chchch eee...., embellished with chattering and seep notes.

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