5 Day Uganda Gorilla Tour
Mburo - Bwindi

Plan to take a 5 day Uganda Gorilla tour if you have only 5 days vaccation time off your busy African business schedule.

When you opt for a 5 day gorilla tracking tour, you're actually booking a 5 day tour to Uganda National parks where 1 day Bwindi Gorilla Tracking is your 'Must See' Uganda attraction.

The difference between this 5 Day Gorilla Tour and the 4 day Mburo - Bwindi Tour is that here you have some extra hours to explore more of Lake Mburo National Park and to visit the village communities around Bwindi gorilla park.

This Uganda Gorilla tour package will take from Kampala, through Lake Mburo National Park then to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Parkfor mountain gorilla tracking and back to Kampala on the fifth day.

Click here to find more information about Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

In this part of the Uganda Safaris Guide we give information to help you make a detailed itinerary for your 5 day Uganda Gorilla tracking tour package.

You can also use this information to analyse the tour package which your Uganda tour operator has given you to ensure that an interesting attraction has no been left out!

Find information and tips about;


You will need a gorilla permit before taking this route and therefore ensure that your Uganda tour operator has securedyou one as you might not be admitted for the gorilla tracking activity.

DAY 1 Travel From Kampala to Lake Mburo National Park

On day one of your Uganda Gorilla tour, after your breakfast, you will be picked from your Kampala or Entebbe Hotel at 0700 hrs by your safari guide and depart by road to Lake Mburo National Park (the drive will take approximately 3-4 hours).

If you have enough time, make a stopover and take a look at the Royal Drum makers, and stand at the Equator for a photograph and also listen to some few interesting facts.

We will continue to Lake Mburo National Park, which is an extension of the Tanzanian plains having a variety of attractions.

Don't miss the extensive wetlands, rolling grassy hills, the wooden savannah and the forests, where you will interesting plants and animal species.

You will have Dinner and spend the night at your best accommodation near lake Mburo National Park.


You will have to book this Uganda accommodation for 2 night.

DAY 2 - Take a Game Viewing Safari at Lake Mburo National Park

On your second day of your Uganda Gorilla tour, after your breakfast, take a game viewing tour at Lake Mburo National Park.

Lake Mburo is famous for its richness in biodiversity and the park has over 60 different species of mammals.

In the afternoon you will take a boat ride on Lake Mburo to view some of the water animmals like crocodiles and hippopotamuses.

You will then return to your hotel for dinner and overnight lodging.

DAY 3 - Depart from Lake Mburo National Park to Bwindi Forest Gorilla Park

On your third day of your Uganda Gorilla tour, after early breakfast at Lake Mburo, drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a home to half the worlds few surviving mountain gorillas!

You will arrive at Bwindi Gorilla Forest just in time to have a late lunch.

After your lunch, take a nature walk or community visit. You're to complete this gorilla community tour late in the evening.

You will spend the night at your best Bwindi Safari lodge.


You will have to book this Uganda accommodation for 2 nights.

DAY 4 - Track the Great Mountain Gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Since you've come a long way to your "Must See" Uganda attraction, don't take any chances!

Wake up very early in the morning, on your fourth day of your Uganda Gorilla tour, and take your breakfast. Be the first one to arrive at the Bwindi park headquarters for briefing and registration.

You will then set off for your Gorilla tracking activity in the forests of Bwindi.


Gorilla tracking can be strenuous, and you will need to carry packed lunch, drinking water, wear comfortable boots or jungle shoes suitable for steep muddy slopes, put on ear plugs if you feel uncomfortable with jungle sounds and also take a rain jacket.

Ask the Game rangers for a walking stick if you feel you need one, and you will receive it free.

The gorilla guides will then take you through the bush pushing your way through the undergrowth, parting thick creepers, to track the gorillas.

You need a good ammount of fitness as this gorilla trek can take from half an hour to as long as 9 hours.

  • Sit in the forest among the gorillas,
  • Listen to them grumble to each other, and
  • Marvel at the sheer size of the silverback.

It is indeed an extraordinary feeling sitting in the dense rainforest and knowing you're in close range with the few of the world's surviving mountain gorillas.

You will then have your dinner and spend the night at your Bwind lodging tent for the second time.

DAY 5 - Drive Back To Kampala

On your fifth and last day of your Uganda Gorilla tour, take an early breakfast at the Gorilla camp before you drive back to Kampala.

Have your lunch enroute and End your 5 Day Uganda Gorilla Tracking Tour.


If you have an early morning flight, then book into your favorite Entebbe Hotel to avoid missing your flight.

However, if you have an evening flight the next day, then you can book into a kampala hotel for one night and take an airport shuttle to Entebbe Airport the following day.

So, How much does a 5 Day Uganda Gorilla Tracking Tour cost?

Feel a 5 day Uganda Gorilla tour is the perfect tour package for you? Then naturally your next question would be, How much will it cost me?!

Since the cost for your gorilla tour package will vary greatly depending on the kind of accommodation you will choose, send us your preferences and we shall give you an estimate of how much this Uganda tour package could cost you.

Our cost estimates will cover the following aspects of your tour.

  • Cost of overlland transportation and Fuel
  • Cost of the Gorilla permit
  • Cost of a Full time safari guide and his associated expenses
  • Park entrance fees
  • Game drive fees
  • Nature walk fees
  • Accommodation and meals

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